Dr. Subhankar Das

Dr. Subhankar Das

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

Profile Summary

Dr. Subhankar Das is a distinguished academician and researcher. With a strong background in mechanical engineering and a profound interest in new and advanced materials, Dr. Das has made noteworthy contributions to academia and industry. In 2019, he earned his Ph.D. from NIT Silchar, solidifying his expertise in the field of composite materials. As a faculty member at UPES, Dr. Das plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of aspiring engineers and researchers. His teaching methodologies are renowned for their uniqueness, fostering an environment of innovation and critical thinking. Driven by his passion for practical problem-solving, he encourages students to develop practical solutions to real-world challenges. Dr. Subhankar Das's research interests primarily revolve around nanomaterials, surface engineering, microwave-absorbing materials, and advanced polymer nanocomposites. Through his extensive research, he has published numerous articles in reputable journals, illuminating the latest advancements in these domains and contributing to the collective knowledge in his field. Beyond academia, Dr. Das is an active volunteer with the Art of Living organization and is passionately involved in various social works.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Subhankar Das worked as an Assistant Professor at Siddartha Institute of Science and Technology, Puttur. He also served as a visiting faculty for a year at the National Institute of Technology Silchar, India. In his early career, he also worked as a CAD Engineer at the Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology (CIPET) in Chennai.

Research Interests

Dr. Subhankar Das is a dedicated researcher with a diverse range of interests. His primary research focuses on epoxy nanocomposites, fibre-reinforced composites, nano reinforcements, and the interfacial behaviour of composite materials. In addition to his existing expertise, Dr. Das is expanding his research into corrosion science and microwave-absorbing materials. By exploring these new avenues, he aims to develop innovative strategies for corrosion prevention and mitigation in various industries. Furthermore, his work in microwave-absorbing materials will contribute to the development of advanced materials with improved electromagnetic properties, opening new possibilities for applications in areas such as defence and telecommunications.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Subhankar Das's teaching philosophy revolves around the use of practical examples to explain theoretical subjects, making them more relatable and understandable. He employs everyday life examples to elucidate complicated concepts, ensuring clarity and engagement among students. Dr. Das emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills in students, encouraging them to solve real-time social problems through innovative approaches. Furthermore, he prioritizes project-based learning, enabling students to actively participate in hands-on activities, fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities. By combining practical application, critical thinking, and project-based learning, Dr. Subhankar Das prepares students to become proactive individuals capable of making a positive impact on society.

Courses Taught

He is an experienced instructor who teaches a diverse range of courses at UPES Dehradun. His primary focus lies in materials science and composite materials, where he imparts comprehensive knowledge to students. Additionally, he offers courses in computer-integrated manufacturing, manufacturing science and technology, engineering mechanics, and strength of materials, equipping students with essential engineering skills. Dr. Das also teaches advanced automotive materials to MTech students, providing them with specialized knowledge in the field.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Subhankar Das was awarded the SEED grant from UPES for his research proposal titled "Recycled Glass Nano Beads Reinforced Hybrid Natural Fiber Composites for Automobile and Aerospace Industry." This grant recognizes the significance of his research and provides financial support to advance his investigation.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Subhankar Das actively engages in diverse scholarly activities. As a mentor, he guides four Ph.D. scholars working on unique research topics like impact-resistive materials and enhancing durability against mechanical stresses, MXene/epoxy composites for corrosion resistance, self-reporting CFRP composites and monitoring structural integrity and microwave-absorbing materials with enhanced electromagnetic properties for defence and telecommunications. His scholarly activities span multiple research areas, significantly advancing materials science and engineering.