Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Prof. Gaurav has gained exceptional expertise in the fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics. His research primarily focuses on computational studies of multiphase flow and high-speed flows. He explores various topics including High-Speed Underwater Vehicles, Super Cavitating Torpedoes, Weapon-Bay Cavitation, etc.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Kumar Gaurav worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at MVJ College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

Research Interests

His research interests include Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Multi-phase flow simulations, High-Speed Flow Simulations

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Kumar Gaurav's approach emphasizes creating an energetic and engaging learning atmosphere that encourages students to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative engineering skills. According to him, effective teaching surpasses the simple conveyance of information; it entails leading students through a process of exploration, uncovering new knowledge, and applying engineering principles. Prof. Kumar Gaurav endeavours to establish an inclusive and cooperative environment in the classroom, enabling students to openly share ideas, inquire, and engage in discussions. Through the integration of group assignments, real-life scenarios, and interactive tasks, he offers students hands-on opportunities that deepen their comprehension of theoretical principles and foster practical learning experiences.

Courses Taught

Prof. Gaurav teaches Computational Fluid Dynamics, Grid Generation, and Aerodynamics courses. He investigates the complex interactions between solid bodies such as aircraft, automobiles, and buildings, etc., and the air in motion, with the aim of improving efficiency, performance, and safety in various applications. He also simulates the behaviour of fluids, particularly in the context of multiphase flow and high-speed flows using various numerical techniques.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Kumar Gaurav develops computational models to simulate multiphase flows, particularly supercavitation. He has done extensive research on the development of high-speed underwater vehicles. He actively publishes his research findings in reputed journals and presents his work at international conferences and seminars. Through these scholarly activities, he has enabled himself to disseminate knowledge, contribute to the field, and establish his expertise within the aerospace engineering community.