Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

Dharmendra Kumar Gupta


Profile Summary

Dharmendra Kumar Gupta is a dedicated professor of sustainable technologies, with a specialized focus on Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) - health and well-being. He has devoted his career to advancing the United Nations' global agenda for health and well-being through research, education, and advocacy. His research work aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, generating evidence-based data to address complex challenges.

Work Experience

With 29 years of experience in academia and industry, Professor Gupta has been working as a professor at UPES for the past 18 years. He has also served as the R&D head at Sara Group of Industries, a multinational manufacturer of Oil Field Equipment. Professor Gupta is a Board of Studies member at various Universities, and he has guided several master's and PhD students. He has conducted consultancy projects for NALCO and ABB and provides training to fresh GTs and senior professionals from the E & P Industry, including ONGC, BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, CAIRN, L&T, BPAX, and THDC.

Research Interests

Professor Gupta's research interests lie in understanding the intersection of sustainability and fire safety measures to develop innovative solutions for mitigating fire risk. Additionally, he is keenly interested in investigating the effects of blowing Shankh (Conch Shell) on human health, well-being, and the atmosphere.

Teaching Philosophy

In his teaching, Professor Gupta adopts a sustainable teaching-learning style to address real-life problems. He encourages students to develop a holistic understanding of fire risk within the context of sustainability, emphasizing the interconnection of environmental, social, and economic factors in fire risk assessment and planning. Recognizing the dynamic nature of fire risk management, he prioritizes continuous learning and adaptation and motivates students to stay updated with the latest research, regulations, and best practices. Prof. Gupta fosters open discussions, respects diverse viewpoints, and encourages students to work on group-based assignments. As a facilitator, he guides students towards a deeper understanding and builds their confidence.

Courses Taught

The subjects taught by Professor Gupta include sustainable technologies and industry, fire risk assessment and planning, chemical process safety, safety in drilling, and strength of materials, among others.

Awards and Grants

Professor Gupta received the UPES Best Reader Award in 2016 and the best paper award at the International Conference in December 2012 at IIT Madras. He also served as the Faculty Advisor for SPE North India Section from 2016 to 2019.

Scholarly Activities

Professor Gupta actively contributes to advancing knowledge and promoting sustainable practices within academia and society at large. He serves as a reviewer for "Technology Information, Forecasting, and Assessment Council (TIFAC)" (DST, Gov. of India) and acts as a PhD thesis reviewer and examiner at IIT Madras, IIT KGP, and PDPU Gandhinagar. Recently, he conducted a session as an expert speaker on "Sustainable Health" during the Sustainable Development Officers Meet-2022 of ONGC in New Delhi, held on November 13-14.