Dr. S. M. Tauseef

Dr. S. M. Tauseef


Profile Summary

Dr. S. M. Tauseef is a highly experienced professor and renowned researcher in the field of Chemical Engineering. With over 15 years of teaching and research experience, he specializes in process safety, environmental engineering, and waste management. Dr. Tauseef's expertise encompasses various areas, including chemical industry accident forecasting, consequence assessment, dispersion modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications in fire and explosion modelling, and air pollution modelling. He has an impressive publication record with numerous research papers and book chapters and actively contributes to professional bodies. His significant contributions have earned him several honours and awards within the field.

Work Experience

Dr. Tauseef has held various distinguished positions at the UPES in Dehradun. These positions include serving as a Professor, Associate Dean (R&D), Head of Department, and Assistant Dean (R&D). Before joining UPES, he worked as a CSIR Senior Research Associate and CSIR Senior Research Fellow at Pondicherry University. Additionally, Dr. Tauseef has industry experience as a process designer and process safety consultant at HICECO and Aftab Imen Parto in Tehran, Iran. His diverse background in academia, research, and industry has provided him with comprehensive insights into the field of Chemical Engineering.

Research Interests

Dr. Tauseef's research interests revolve around chemical industry accident forecasting, consequence assessment, dispersion modelling, fire and explosion modelling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and air pollution modelling. He also actively pursues research in waste management and seeks sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. His contributions extend to numerous publications in esteemed international journals, and he has been actively involved in research and consultancy projects funded by various agencies.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Tauseef believes in imparting students with a solid foundation in chemical engineering principles, emphasizing their practical applications in real-world scenarios. He strives to create an interactive and engaging learning environment that encourages active student participation and fosters the development of problem-solving skills. Dr. Tauseef promotes critical thinking, creativity, and a multidisciplinary approach to learning, empowering students to become well-rounded professionals.

Courses Taught

Dr. Tauseef offers a wide range of courses in the field of Chemical Engineering. These include Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Unit Operations, Chemical Process Safety, Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering, and Safety in Engineering Industry. Additionally, he has also taught courses in the departments of Health Safety and Environmental Engineering, expanding his contributions to interdisciplinary education.

Awards and Grants

Throughout his career, Dr. Tauseef has been recognized with several awards and grants for his exceptional contributions. These accolades include the Best Researcher award at UPES and scholarships for his undergraduate and graduate studies in Chemical Engineering. He has also secured funding for research projects from prestigious organizations such as SERB, DST, David Wilson Award for Excellence in Teaching, UEPPCB, UDD Uttarakhand, and UPES. Furthermore, Dr. Tauseef's teaching abilities have been acknowledged, and he has been invited to deliver talks and lectures at national and international conferences and workshops.