Durga Prasad Panday

Durga Prasad Panday

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Professor Durga Prasad Panday is recognized as an emerging expert in Water Resources Engineering and Management. His research focuses on both water quality and quantity, encompassing surface and groundwater. Prof. Panday's expertise extends to conflict resolution mechanisms, particularly in the context of water sharing, where he has employed Hyper game and Metagame Analysis for the Krishna River. Additionally, he has extensively studied hydroclimatic extremes under the influence of climate change, investigating geogenic and anthropogenic contaminants' interconnectedness. His involvement in water resources and structural engineering consultancy further demonstrates his active engagement in the field.

Work Experience

Prof. Durga Prasad Panday joined UPES immediately after completing his M. Tech. from IIT Delhi in 2015 and has been a faculty member at UPES for the past eight years.

Research Interests

His research interests encompass various aspects, including water quantity and quality modelling, statistical modelling in water resources, hydroclimatic extremes, game theoretic techniques, conflict resolution mechanisms, and Geospatial modelling using ArcGIS. Prof. Panday also leverages Remote Sensing and GIS applications in water resources.

Teaching Philosophy

With eight years of rich teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Prof. Panday employs physical and online modes effectively to enhance students' learning experiences. He incorporates novel cases and the latest research papers to cover the latest trends in engineering. Visual aids such as physical models are utilized to facilitate better conceptual understanding among students. Prof. Panday is well-versed in various online teaching platforms like Blackboard, Coursera, Code Tantra, etc. He believes in associating teaching with live projects to encourage practical thinking rather than focusing solely on theoretical knowledge.

Courses Taught

Prof. Durga Prasad Panday has a broad teaching portfolio in the civil engineering domain. He specializes in core water resources subjects like Basic and Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and Groundwater Hydrology, Irrigation Engineering, Hydropower Engineering, and Design of Hydraulic Structures. Additionally, he covers subjects such as surveying, GIS, Transportation Engineering, and Geotechnical Engineering for civil engineering and other engineering domain students. He also imparts knowledge in Engineering Geology, Engineering Mechanics, and Structural Analysis.

Awards and Grants

Prof. Durga Prasad Panday received the GATE scholarship in 2013-15 after excelling in the prestigious exam with a 99th percentile (twice).

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Panday actively contributes to the professional community by providing training to various stakeholders. He has conducted training sessions for IFS probationers in state-of-the-art advanced surveying instruments twice (in 2022 and 2023). As an active researcher, he serves as a reviewer for prestigious journals such as Groundwater for Sustainable Development, Total Environment Research Themes, and Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, among others.