Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi

Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi is a passionate academician and environmental researcher with over 21 years of experience in environmental science, sustainability, water pollution, hydrogeochemistry, and solid waste management. She earned her doctorate in environmental science from the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology. Throughout her career, she has successfully led several research projects, including government-sponsored research projects funded by DST (Department of Science and Technology) and U. COST (Uttarakhand State Council of Science and Technology). Her areas of expertise also include setting up a Water Quality Testing Lab and facilities for the quantification and characterization of municipal solid waste. She has served as Deputy Technical Manager and Analyst in NABL Lab and collaborated with rural women of Uttarakhand for the cultivation and promotion of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Species at Rural Women Technology Park, UPES, Dehradun, funded by DST (worth INR 65 Lakh).

Work Experience

Dr. Bahukhandi has been associated with UPES for approximately seventeen years, actively involved in academic, research, and administrative activities. During her tenure at UPES, she has guided numerous internship projects, major and minor projects, and research projects funded by SODH, RISE, UPES SEED grants, and external sources. Before joining UPES, she also worked in various NGOs, contributing to projects related to Urban Environmental Management Plan, Medicinal and Aromatic Plant, and Watershed Management funded by ONGC, CIDA, IGSS, CAPART, and DST, among others.

Research Interests

Currently, Dr. Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi focuses her research efforts on various areas, including hydro geochemistry of water, assessment of microplastic and emerging contaminants in Himalayan region lakes, and remediation and treatment methods for pollution. She is also involved in developing a photocatalytic membrane for removing pharmaceutical compounds from water and polymer nano-composite-based porous and super-hydrophobic aerogels for oil-water separation.

Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, Dr. Bahukhandi believes in creating an innovative learning environment that supports and encourages student learning. She emphasizes practical learning, project-based learning, and research-based learning. Her teaching philosophy focuses on strengthening students' understanding of fundamental concepts, instruments, and water chemistry and treatment technologies, enabling them to apply their knowledge effectively in real-world applications. She employs Flipped Classrooms and virtual labs in practical sessions to promote conceptual understanding, especially for abstract concepts.

Courses Taught

Dr. Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi has taught various courses at UPES, including Environment Sustainability and Himalayan courses, environmental engineering and management, environmental impact assessment, health safety and environment, environmental management in the power industry, occupational safety, industrial safety, disaster management, and environmental pollution.

Awards and Grants

Throughout her career, Dr. Bahukhandi has received recognition for her outstanding contributions in the field of education and research from organizations like the Uttarakhand State Council of Science and Technology. She has also been honoured with the Laureate International Award for completing online, blended, and hybrid courses, as well as several research awards at UPES. Additionally, she received a special mention award under the 'Design and Society' category during the 2nd International Conference I-Converge 2022. Dr. Bahukhandi has secured research grants of around 80 lakhs from external funding agencies for various research projects and organizing conferences and seminars.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Kanchan Deoli Bahukhandi has led multidisciplinary teams in national-funded collaborative research projects related to rural technology, medicinal and aromatic plants, solid waste management, surface and groundwater contamination. She is planning to explore the emerging field of "Fate and transport of faecal-derived emerging contaminants of concern and antibiotic resistance gene in the Himalayan region." Her work is focused on solving real problems at the grassroots level in various environmental domains. She serves as an editorial board member and reviewer for esteemed journals, such as "Environment Development and Sustainability," "Current World Environment," and "Environmental Science and Pollution Research." Dr. Bahukhandi has an extensive publication record, including research papers, book chapters, and edited books. She has delivered several invited lectures at premier institutes and organizations and presented numerous research papers at national and international conferences. She organized the Two-Week ISTE Short-Term Training Program (STTP) on "Environmental Studies" in collaboration with IIT Bombay as part of the National Mission on Education.