Deepak Bangwal

Dr. Deepak Bangwal

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Dr. Deepak Bangwal is an accomplished academician with a PhD and over 9 years of distinguished service in academia. He possesses extensive industrial experience, having collaborated with the renowned organization Westin Auckland. His research interests revolve around the areas of HR Analytics, GHRM management, and organizational behaviour. Dr. Bangwal leverages his profound expertise in team management, academic administration, and research management. His adeptness in cultivating a conducive research environment ensures the development of innovative and impactful research initiatives.

Work Experience

Dr. Bangwal is a respected pracademic (an individual who combines both practical experience in a specific field or industry with academic expertise), amassing over 11 years of professional experience in both industry and academia. His proficiency spans diverse domains, including HR Analytics, HR management, academic administration, research management, and teaching at the postgraduate and Ph.D. levels. By virtue of his comprehensive understanding of the corporate and academic realms, Dr. Bangwal brings a unique perspective to his roles, amalgamating practical industry knowledge with scholarly insights. His extensive experience and multidimensional skill set render him an invaluable asset in driving organizational growth and fostering academic excellence.

Research Interests

Dr. Bangwal's research interests encompass HR Analytics, Green Human Resource Management (GHRM), Workplace Design, and Sustainable Workplace Design.

Teaching Philosophy

He believes in engagement and empowerment of students through active participation and experiential learning. By fostering a collaborative and interactive classroom environment, he stimulates critical thinking and facilitates the practical application of HR Analytics, HRM, and OB concepts. Personalizing instruction and integrating industry case studies and business simulations, he bridges the gap between theory and practice. Cultivating a culture of lifelong learning, he guides students to remain abreast of emerging trends. With a focus on student engagement and experiential learning, Dr. Bangwal strives to equip students with the skills and mindset required for success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Courses Taught

Dr. Bangwal imparts instruction in the following courses to graduate and postgraduate programs:

HR Analytics

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behaviour

Management Principles

Scholarly Activities

As an active scholar, Dr. Bangwal actively engages in various scholarly pursuits to advance his research and intellectual endeavours. He regularly publishes research papers in esteemed academic journals, indexed in the A* and A categories by ABDC, SCOPUS, and WoS, thereby disseminating his findings and insights to fellow scholars and practitioners. Additionally, he serves as a resource person in conferences, workshops, and Faculty Development Programs (FDP), while actively participating in collaborative research projects with fellow academics and industry experts, facilitating interdisciplinary perspectives and knowledge exchange. Furthermore, he contributes as a reviewer for esteemed scholarly journals such as the Annals of Operation Research and the International Journal of Hospitality Management, offering valuable feedback and supporting the peer-review process. By consistently staying updated with the latest research trends and developments in his field through extensive literature reviews and continuous professional development, he endeavours to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge, foster intellectual discourse, and leave a meaningful impact on the academic sphere.