Dr. Bharat Ankur Dogra

Dr. Bharat Ankur Dogra

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Bharat is a leading academician in the field of Aviation Management plus Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering with a wide-ranging experience of more than a decade in research and higher education. Holding a Ph.D. and and dual Master’s degrees in Aviation Management and Mechanical Engineering (Design), he is recognized for his significant contributions to various research publications. He has filed four patents in his areas of specialisation that include Aerospace, Aviation Management and Mechanical Engineering. He has authored and published over a dozen research papers for national and global publications including SCOPUS. Also, he holds licensed certification from the University of California, Irvine, lifetime membership of Society of Shockwave Research, IISC Bengaluru, membership of American Society of Mechanical Engineering and is an active member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Work Experience

Dr. Bharat has over three years of experience as an Assistant Professor at UPES. His responsibilities include coordinating MBA and BBA programs, conducting industrial visits, participating in consultative committee meetings, and teaching various subjects related to aviation management. He also served as an Assistant Professor at Bahra University and BIMT, before completing his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Punjab Engineering College.

Research Interests

Aviation Management | Digitalisation in Aviation Industry | Propulsion | Additive Manufacturing | Composite Materials | Detonation Technology | 3D Modelling and Designing | Structural Analysis| CFD | Product Design, Development and Deployment

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Bharat Ankur Dogra’s teaching philosophy focuses on laying a strong foundation in every subject by connecting it to real-life experiences. He believes in active engagement through discussions, interactive activities, and practical exposure like industry visits. Role-playing enhances experiential learning, while quizzes and assignments promote participation and retention. By using modern teaching tools, he creates a dynamic learning environment, motivating students to reach their full potential through encouragement and recognition of their efforts.

Courses Taught

Dr. Bharat has taught a diverse range of courses in both traditional and distance modes of education. In UPES’ distance learning and executive MBA programs, Dr. Bharat has expertly delivered courses on Airport Planning and Management, Fundamentals of Airlines Operations, Aviation Safety and Security Management, Aviation Regulatory Management, and Aviation Enterprise Management. Additionally, in face-to-face teaching settings, he has imparted knowledge to undergraduate students through Airport Customer Services, while postgraduate students have benefited from his expertise in Aviation Safety & Security Management, Aviation Regulatory Management, and Airlines Service Operations. Dr. Bharat's teaching style seamlessly integrates theoretical concepts, practical applications, and industry insights to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Bharat has received several awards throughout his career, highlighting his dedication to academic and professional excellence. He served as the Organizing Secretary for the ‘Resumption of Indian Tourism Industry in New Normal’ event in January 2021 and the ‘Impactful Online Teaching and Student Engagement’ Faculty Development Program in August 2020. He also contributed as an Organizing Assistant for CHASCON in January 2013 at PEC Chandigarh. Dr. Bharat’s leadership skills were recognized during his tenure as the Sports Chairman at Bahra University, School of Engineering, Shimla Hills from 2011 to 2013. Additionally, he achieved an impressive 84.72 percentile in the Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers (GATE) in 2008 and received scholarships from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) for both his Master of Engineering (M.E.) from 2008 to 2010 and his Ph.D. in Engineering from 2013 to 2017.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Bharat has an impressive track record of scholarly activities, demonstrating his dedication to research and academic contributions. He has published numerous papers in esteemed journals and presented papers at national and international conferences. Noteworthy publications include a paper on comparing emissions of biofuels with fossil fuel utilizing the GREET model, a book chapter on financial distress in the airline industry, and papers on topics such as Schlieren imaging, green entrepreneurship, and pulse detonation engine technology. Dr. Bharat has also participated in various seminars and workshops on subjects ranging from intellectual property awareness and funding opportunities to disaster management and engineering education. Moreover, he actively participates in conferences and short-term courses to enhance his knowledge in areas such as shockwaves, mechatronics, robotics, and aircraft design. His commitment to academic excellence is further demonstrated by his provisional patent for an automated control system for pulse detonation engines using smartphones, and some of them are applied including ‘Tourism Industry: An inquiry into its growth problems prospects and strategy in Dehradun’. His scholarly activities reflect his continuous pursuit of knowledge and his contributions to the academic community.