Dr Pradeep Chauhan

Dr. Pradeep Chauhan

Assistant Professor- Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Dr Pradeep Chauhan is a highly-accomplished and revered expert in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain, with over 12 years of invaluable experience in academia and industry. His profound knowledge, research contributions, and exceptional teaching abilities have made him a sought-after in this ever-evolving domain. Dr Chauhan holds a Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, earned from a prestigious institution renowned for its cutting-edge research and academic rigor. As an academician, he possesses extensive industrial experience, having worked with renowned organisations like Kuehne-Nagel, Danone and Dabur India Ltd. His area of research interest lies in Distribution, procurement and Transportation Management in the field of Logistics and supply chain Management.

Work Experience

With more than 12 years of professional experience in both industry and academia, Dr Chauhan is a recognized practitioner academic. His experience includes teaching graduate and postgraduate students in the area of procurement management, academic administration, research administration, department administration, warehouse management, and general management. He addresses his roles with a thorough awareness of both the corporate and academic worlds, bringing a distinctive perspective that combines real-world business experience with intellectual views. His vast expertise and multifaceted skill set make him an asset in promoting academic success and organizational progress. Dr Chauhan's remarkable teaching track record demonstrates his commitment to knowledge transfer and moulding the brains of future professionals. His instructional approach blends theoretical ideas with real-world applications to produce interesting learning.

Research Interests

Physical Distribution, Logistics Performance, Transportation and Warehouse Management, procurement management, Digitalization.

Teaching Philosophy

With a genuine commitment to the holistic development of his students, Dr. Chauhan takes pride in mentoring and nurturing young talents. He has supervised numerous successful dissertation and summer internship projects and guided students toward achieving their academic and professional goals. His mentorship extends beyond the classroom, as he strives to inspire and motivate students to become future leaders in the logistics and supply chain industry. His teaching methodology emphasizes active student participation and experiential learning to motivate and empower learners. by encouraging a cooperative and dynamic learning atmosphere in the classroom. He strives to give students the knowledge and attitude required for success in the dynamic business environment by putting a strong emphasis on student interaction and experiential learning.

Courses Taught

Dr. Chauhan teaches Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Multimodal Transportation, Warehouse Management, Retail Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Trade Logistics and International Logistics and Supply Chain Management to graduate and post-graduate programs.

Scholarly Activities

Dr Chauhan is an academic scholar who actively pursues research and intellectual interests by taking part in a variety of scholarly activities. He frequently shares his findings and observations with other academics and practitioners by publishing research papers in refereed academic publications that are abstracted and indexed in SCOPUS, WOS, and ABDC. Additionally, he has fruitful exchanges with colleagues at conferences and workshops in which he actively participates. Through thorough literature studies and ongoing professional development, he consistently keeps abreast of the most recent research trends and breakthroughs in his field. He aspires to advance the intellectual conversation, advance the corpus of knowledge, and have a significant impact on the academic community through these scholarly endeavours.