Ladenla Lama

Ladenla Lama

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Assistant Professor Ladenla Lama specializes in Development Economics and Industrial Economics. Her research focusses on Low Carbon Energy Industries in India, delving into the Solar Photovoltaics and Wind Turbine Manufacturing Industries in the country. It examines the interaction between economic development, industrial factors, and the growth and challenges of renewable energy technologies.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Assistant Professor Ladenla Lama was pursuing her doctoral research at Centre of Development Studies, Trivandrum. Her area of research was Low Carbon Energy Industries in India: A Study of Solar Photovoltaics and Wind Turbine Manufacturing Industries in India.

Research Interests

Development Economics I Industrial Economics I Gender Economics

Teaching Philosophy

Assistant Professor Lama's teaching philosophy emphasizes a balance between teaching complex concepts and fostering independent thinking in students. In her approach, students are exposed to theoretical concepts while also being tasked with presenting practical applications of what they have learned. This dual focus not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also encourages independent thinking and the application of concepts in real-world scenarios. By combining theoretical understanding with practical application, Assistant Professor Lama aims to equip students with the skills needed for critical thinking and the ability to apply their knowledge in practical situations.

Courses Taught

Assistant Professor Lama teaches Microeconomics, International Business, Indian Economy and Foreign Trade Policy and Business Environment in undergraduate courses.

Awards and Grants

Assistant Professor Lama has received the 2016 University Silver Medal for securing first class second in M.Sc. (Economics) from Sikkim University, Gangtok, Sikkim. She has received the National Fellowship for ST students from April 2018 and also secured the ICSSR Fellowship in 2018.

Scholarly Activities

Assistant Professor Lama has participated in and presented multiple papers on education and energy sectors. Her work reflects a strong emphasis on understanding the impact of government policies and schemes on socio-economic development, with a focus on rural primary education in the northeastern part of India. Additionally, she has delved into the evolution of the Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine industries in India.

She has also researched agricultural economics, studying regional Trends in India in the era of globalisation.

Assistant Professor Lama also has a keen interest in gender and development economics. She has conducted research on social inequalities and inherent disadvantages in asset holding among Indian women. Additionally, she has explored nutritional status variations across different Indian states. Through her diverse research topics, Assistant Professor Lama contributes valuable insights to various areas within the broader field of economics, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of socio-economic development, education, energy, agriculture, and gender-related issues.