Mohit Rishi

Mohit Rishi

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Throughout his professional journey, Professor Rishi has excelled in collaborative environments, effectively working alongside pilots, ground crew, and maintenance personnel to facilitate seamless operations and punctual cargo delivery. Leveraging advanced software and systems, he accurately calculates aircraft weight and balance, optimizing fuel efficiency and overall performance. With a proactive and detail-oriented approach, Professor Rishi consistently identifies and addresses potential risks, fostering a safe and uninterrupted operational environment. Furthermore, he boasts a proven track record of implementing process enhancements, streamlining operational efficiency, and driving cost reductions. Professor Rishi’s extensive experience, coupled with his analytical acumen and unwavering passion for aviation, positions him as an invaluable asset to any organization operating in the aircraft weight and balance and cargo handling operations domain.

Work Experience

Prior to his tenure at UPES, Professor Rishi accumulated valuable experience in the aviation industry. He served as a Duty Manager in the Ramp Department at AISATS, a prominent ground-handling organization in Bangalore, for a commendable six-year duration. Before his time at AISATS, he contributed his expertise to Cambata Aviation Pvt. Ltd. at New Delhi Airport, where he held an impressive ten-year position. This extensive background in both organizations has equipped Professor Rishi with a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry and its intricacies.

Research Interests

Airport Operations I Airline Operations I Air Cargo Operations I Ground Handling Operations I Revenue Management I Aviation Logistics

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Rishi adopts an interactive teaching approach by incorporating elements of the "flipped classroom" method. He assigns pre-reading tasks and quizzes to students before class, using the quiz results as a basis for in-class activities that apply knowledge to real-world situations. By focusing on authentic problems, students develop advanced thinking skills and transition from novices to experts in the subject. This approach fosters active learning, independent thinking, and problem-solving abilities, creating a conducive learning environment.

Courses Taught

Prof. Rishi is an expert in diverse aviation subjects, including Air Cargo Operations, Aviation Safety & Security Management, Ground Handling Operations, Airline Revenue Management, Airport Capacity Management, and Aerodrome Design and Operations. He conducts research on the intricate relationship between airlines and airports, specifically exploring the impact on aviation stakeholders and financial aspects. Prof. Rishi's teaching portfolio covers essential topics in the aviation field, while his research provides valuable insights into the dynamics that shape the industry, benefiting both academia and industry professionals.

Awards and Grants

In 2019, Prof. Rishi achieved the prestigious ‘Train the Trainer’ Certificate from IATA, earned in Singapore. This certification highlights his exceptional skills and expertise in training methodologies. Throughout his professional journey, he has actively participated in multiple weight and balance training programs conducted by various airlines. This experience has enriched his knowledge and allowed him to contribute effectively to the development of industry professionals in the field of weight and balance operations. Prof. Rishi's commitment to continuous learning and his extensive involvement in training initiatives showcase his dedication to excellence in the aviation industry.

Scholarly Activities

As an aviation professional and academic with a background in air cargo operations and weight and balance, Prof. Rishi actively engages in research, teaching, and professional development within the aviation industry. Through his research, he contributes to the existing knowledge in the field by studying industry trends, exploring best practices, and seeking innovative approaches to enhance operational efficiency and safety. He disseminates his findings through scholarly publications, conference presentations, and academic forums. In teaching, he designs and delivers courses focused on air cargo operations providing students with a comprehensive understanding through interactive lectures, practical exercises, and real-world case studies. He also mentors and supervise students' research projects, preparing them for careers in the industry. To stay current with advancements and industry practices, he regularly participates in professional development activities, attending conferences, workshops, and seminars. His scholarly activities enable him to contribute to knowledge advancement, educate future aviation professionals, and maintain strong ties between academia and the industry.