Nida Rahman

Dr. Nida Rahman

Assistant Professor- Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Dr. Nida Rahman is known for her expertise in international trade and foreign direct investment. She is credited for her contribution to contemporary issues such as the repercussions of the Sino-US trade war on the future of global trade and global value chain trade. Her work has delved into understanding the intricacies of signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and RTAs like ASEAN-India FTA and RCEP, with a focus on traditional trade as well as digital trade. She has extensive understanding of trade databases such as the OECD Tiva database, OECD STRI database, UNCTADstat database, and WITS database, etc.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Nida Rahman was with the Foreign Trade-Europe division of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), Government of India, as an independent consultant to the India-UK FTA negotiations. She also served as a consultant to the growth, employment, and macroeconomics team of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), where she headed studies focusing on India’s special economic zones. In her short work stint, she has also served as a policy researcher in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), United Nations, New Delhi office.

Research Interests

International Trade I Foreign Direct Investment I Global Value Chain I Digital Trade I Free Trade Agreement I Regional Economic Cooperation

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Rahman’s teaching philosophy is grounded in exploring and employing interactive methods and beyond the classroom learning activities to break down complex economic concepts for the students. By fostering a hands-on learning environment, Dr. Rahman aims to instil deep understanding of economic principles and their real-world applications. Her teaching approach encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and a holistic grasp of economic dynamics, preparing students for the challenges of the ever-evolving business landscape.

Courses Taught

Dr. Rahman teaches introductory courses on microeconomics, macroeconomics, and business economics. She helps students grasp the major issues economies face, including consumer and producer behaviour, the nature of supply and demand, the different kinds of markets and how they function, the welfare outcomes of consumers and producers while exploring how these formal principles and concepts apply to real-world issues.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Rahman has shown scholarly aptitude in various research projects focussing on the intersection of macro-economics, international economics, international business, and development economics. She contributed to the ICSSR funded project on Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Groups in India. The findings of the project were published in a series of working papers by Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), New Delhi. Dr. Rahman was also involved in ICSSR-IMPRESS scheme project on Safe drinking water and sanitation services in Kerala. The preliminary findings from the project were presented in ICSSR sponsored National seminar on Urbanisation and its impact on environment in Mizoram.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Rahman was awarded the BRICS International School 2022 scholarship by the National Committee on BRICS Research, Russia. She earned National Eligibility Test (NET) in Economics in 2017, awarded by UGC.