Prof. Avishek Ghosal

Prof. Avishek Ghosal

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Professor Avishek Ghosal specializes in Power, Energy Economics, Infrastructure, Strategy, Sustainability, Digital Applications in Energy Sector, Urban Economics & Risk Assessment. He also works in the field of land acquisition, contracts (especially PPP) and power economics. He is skilled in planning, strategizing, and implementing strategies to ensure successful project delivery. He has experience working in cross-cultural and multi-lingual environments. Additionally, he is proficient in Project Management and Analytical tools, and has expertise in financial modeling and business research.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Avishek Ghosal worked at Sterlite Energy (Vedanta Group) where he was responsible for Operations, Maintenance, and Commissioning of a Thermal Power Plant. He led a team of engineers in reducing auxiliary power consumption, increasing efficiency, and implementing an ERP system integrated with SCADA.

Research Interests

Prof. Avishek's research interests include Energy Policy, Energy Economics, Risk Management, Sustainable Development, Carbon Management, Renewable Energy, Digital Applications, and Energy Modelling.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Avishek focuses on promoting learning by engaging students in their learning environment, encouraging higher-order thinking skills, and respecting their opinions and backgrounds. He believes in active learning, where students are involved in problem-solving, formulating and answering questions, and engaging in debates during class. He also emphasizes cooperative learning, where students work in teams on projects that foster positive interdependence and individual accountability. Building rapport with students and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning are equally important to him.

Courses Taught

Prof. Avishek teaches courses such as IT Applications for Energy Sector, Power Economics, Electricity Market, Infrastructure Sector Understanding & Planning, Concessionaire Agreements, Renewable Energy, Smart City, Urban Infrastructure, Fuel and Water Resource Management, Energy Sector Structure and Functioning, Wind Energy Management, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. He also conducts special sessions on the applications of Python, SPSS, R, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint, with a focus on Demand forecasting, Predictive Analytics, and Descriptive Analytics.

Awards and Grants

Prof. Avishek has received the General Excellence Teaching Award and has been recognized as the Best Teacher at UPES. He has worked with organizations like NITI Aayog, UJVNL, and UPCL.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Avishek has been part of multidisciplinary teams involved in international and national collaborative projects to better understand the regulatory, financial, and technical aspects of global and Indian Energy markets. He regularly delivers training and development sessions to various prominent energy-related organizations. His work is known for its innovative approach.