Prof. Rahul Nainwal

Rahul Nainwal

Director, School of Business

Prof. Rahul Nainwal is a distinguished entrepreneur and design thinker with a career spanning over two decades. He is a seasoned professional with a strong educational foundation, holding a Bachelor of Technology degree from NIT Rourkela and an MBA from IRMA. His commitment to innovation and social impact is evident through his additional qualifications, including a Postgraduate Diploma in Design Thinking from THNK School of Creative Leadership, an Executive Program on Strategic Management from Harvard Business School, and a Program in International Relations and Public Policy from Oxford University.

Throughout his career, Prof. Rahul has co-founded and led various impactful initiatives. Notably, he is a co-founder of iVolunteer, an organisation that promotes volunteerism and social engagement. He has also played a crucial role in launching the India Fellow Social Leadership program, nurturing young leaders for social change, and UnLtd Delhi, a social enterprise incubator dedicated to supporting and empowering social entrepreneurs.

Innovative and forward-thinking, Prof. Rahul initiated, India's pioneering project focused on unconditional wealth transfer, addressing issues related to poverty and financial inclusion. His dedication to entrepreneurship extends beyond these ventures, as he actively engages in angel investing and mentoring numerous startups.

Rahul Nainwal's contributions have earned him prestigious honours, including being recognised as a TED Fellow, Ashoka Associate Fellow, and an Aspire Fellow. His research interests are primarily centred on cash transfers and entrepreneurship, reflecting his deep commitment to addressing critical societal issues and fostering positive change.