Vibhav Pratap

Vibhav Pratap

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Mr. Vibhav Pratap is an accomplished academician with a comprehensive educational and professional trajectory. Holding a PhD in Management from the Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, he has extensively explored "Working Capital Management - A System Dynamics Approach" in his research. His academic prowess is further highlighted by an MBA in Finance & Marketing from STEP HBTI, UPTU Lucknow, and an M.Com from IGNOU Delhi. A Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from UPRTOU Prayagraj solidifies his expertise in finance.

Mr. Pratap's multidisciplinary foundation includes a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from FET Agra College Agra, UPT University. His intellectual curiosity extends beyond formal education; he has qualified for the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF UGC-NET) in both Management and Commerce. Additionally, he accomplished the Graduate Aptitude Test Examination (GATE) in Mechanical Engineering.

His specialization in Finance aligns with his teaching interests, which include Finance, Working Capital, and Risk Management. Mr. Pratap's dedication to continuous learning is evident through his active participation in workshops, conferences, and faculty development programs. His commitment to education and research makes him an invaluable asset to the academic community.

Work Experience

Prior to his association with UPES, Mr. Pratap's academic trajectory featured noteworthy appointments within prominent academic institutions. He assumed the role of an Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty) at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow, an institution of distinguished repute within the central university echelon. Additionally, Mr. Pratap's scholarly engagements extended to the India Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi, where he held the position of Assistant Professor (Guest Faculty), further enhancing his academic portfolio. Notably, he also contributed as a Visiting Fellow at Central University Jharkhand, delivering instructional content to aspiring management students.

Research Interests

  • Working Capital Management I
  • System Dynamics I
  • Liquidity Management I
  • Corporate Finance I

Teaching Philosophy

Mr. Pratap's teaching philosophy centers on nurturing student learning through a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere. He adopts innovative and Advanced methods, using pre-reading assignments and quizzes to stimulate interaction. This approach fosters critical thinking as students engage with real-world data during in-class tasks. Mr. Pratap's commitment to cultivating a collaborative learning environment is evident through these strategies, empowering students to excel in diverse domains.

Courses Taught

The subjects taught by Mr. Pratap encompass a diverse range of financial domains. In Working Capital, he explores the intricate balance between liquidity and operational efficiency within a business. Security Analysis delves into assessing investment prospects, dissecting stocks and bonds for informed decisions. Portfolio Management navigates the art of constructing and optimizing investment portfolios. Financial Modelling equips students with tools to project financial performance and strategize. Lastly, Risk Management dissects techniques to identify, evaluate, and mitigate financial uncertainties. Mr. Pratap comprehensive approach imparts essential skills for navigating the multifaceted landscape of finance.

Scholarly Activities

Mr. Pratap's scholarly pursuits have been marked by a rich tapestry of intellectual engagement. His research interests traverse the realms of working capital management, System Dynamics, and risk management. These areas reflect his deep-seated commitment to the intricate nuances of financial dynamics. With a penchant for comprehensive exploration, Mr. Pratap has authored research papers that contribute to the academic discourse. His publications span reputable journals, including "Empirical Economics Letters," "Studies Korea Review of International Studies" and "NIU International Journal of Human Rights." This dedication to research is augmented by his active participation in workshops, conferences, and faculty development programs. Mr. Pratap's scholarly endeavors resonate with his pursuit of knowledge dissemination and continuous growth within the academic realm.