Amar Shukla

Amar Shukla

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

Profile Summary

Amar Shukla is a highly respected figure in the fast-paced field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recognized for his significant contributions to AI, Shukla has had an impactful career marked by numerous influential projects and insightful research papers. His work primarily revolves around vital AI subsets like Machine Learning and Deep Learning, areas rife with potential to catalyze industry-wide transformations. Shukla's groundbreaking research in Medical Image Processing demonstrates his ambition to harness AI's potential for revolutionary healthcare innovations. This domain, with its potential to boost diagnostic precision and patient outcomes, is a testament to its far-reaching impact. Moreover, his contributions to Geospatial Analysis and Machine Vision reflect Shukla's commitment to broadening AI's application spectrum. His work has led to the creation of sophisticated algorithms that interpret spatial data and equip machines with advanced perception abilities.

Work Experience

Amar Shukla has a noteworthy 7-year tenure filled with impactful teaching and research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer science. Covering a wide array of topics including Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing, he has comprehensively educated his students. Additionally, his course on IT Infrastructure gives students a holistic view of the IT ecosystem. With his input on Cloud Performance Tuning, he has optimized cloud applications and services. Shukla's diverse expertise and dedication have significantly enhanced AI and computer science education.

Research Interests

Amar Shukla excels in multiple domains of Artificial Intelligence research. His pioneering efforts in Medical Image Processing involve devising state-of-the-art algorithms for improved medical diagnostics. In Machine Learning and Deep Learning, he is creating and enhancing data-informed models with applications from healthcare to finance. Shukla's research in Machine Vision involves designing systems for autonomous visual interpretation, with implications in sectors like surveillance and automated systems. His Geospatial Analysis work generates sophisticated algorithms for spatial data interpretation, influencing areas like environmental conservation and urban planning. Moreover, Shukla's commitment to academic innovation ensures students gain contemporary, relevant skills.

Teaching Philosophy

Amar Shukla champions a teaching philosophy grounded in student engagement, viewing education as a shared voyage between the teacher and learner. He seeks to do more than dispense knowledge; his mission is to ignite curiosity, stimulate critical thinking, and nurture lifelong learning enthusiasm. Shukla underlines the necessity of real-world application of theoretical insights, thus cementing learning through hands-on experience. In keeping with the dynamic tech landscape, he regularly revises his curriculum to mirror current developments. Shukla also prioritizes an inclusive classroom, encouraging diverse perspectives. By fostering an environment of exploration and innovation, he equips students for professional competence and responsible citizenship in our digital world.

Courses Taught

Amar Shukla maintains a rich and diverse teaching portfolio in computer science and Artificial Intelligence. He expertly navigates subjects like Data Structures, emphasizing the organization and manipulation of data, and Design and Analysis of Algorithms, focusing on algorithmic problem-solving and performance metrics. His teachings on Machine Learning equip students to build systems that learn and predict from data, while his course on Cloud Computing sheds light on internet-based service delivery. Further, he introduces students to the essential components of IT infrastructure and optimizes their understanding of cloud performance tuning. Overall, Shukla's comprehensive approach and commitment to current trends provide his students with a well-rounded, relevant education in the rapidly evolving fields of computer science and AI.

Scholarly Activities

Amar Shukla is renowned for his numerous research contributions to the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Some of his notable works include:

  • "Alz-ConvNets for Classification of Alzheimer Disease Using Transfer Learning Approach" (with R Tiwari, S Tiwari, 2023) - Shukla and his co-authors discuss the utilization of convolutional neural networks and transfer learning for effective classification of Alzheimer's disease.
  • "Alzheimer’s Disease Detection from Fused PET and MRI Modalities Using an Ensemble Classifier" (with R Tiwari, S Tiwari, 2023) - This research focuses on using an ensemble classifier for detecting Alzheimer's disease from fused PET and MRI modalities, improving the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.
  • "Artificial Intelligence Approach for Signature Detection" (with R Tiwari, S Raghuvanshi, S Sharma, S Avinash, 2023) - This paper outlines an AI-based method for signature detection, which can enhance security systems and fraud detection processes.
  • "Broad Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening" (with S Tiwari, A Jain, A Alferaidi, 2023) - In this work, the authors conduct a comprehensive analysis of deep learning techniques used for diabetic retinopathy screening, a significant issue in healthcare.