Anushree Sah

Anushree Sah

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)

Profile Summary

Anushree Sah is an Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) in the School of Computer Science. She earned her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, her Master of Science in Web Technology, and her PhD in Computer Science Engineering. She is equipped with strong analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills, she excels in leveraging her expertise to drive organizational growth.

She specializes in Programming Languages, Web Technologies, Building Enterprise Application, Service Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing. She has several research papers and conference proceedings in reputed journals. In addition to her academic interests, she has mentored and taught students throughout her career in a variety of areas.

Work Experience

Anushree is a highly experienced IT professional having an experience of more than 16 years in the field of IT industry and education. She has worked with renowned companies like Oracle Financial Services & Software Ltd., Western Union, Dencare Ltd., etc. She has completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering and has Master’s degree from University of Greenwich, London, UK. She holds various academic and administrative responsibilities in her current working place. Anushree has been a part of UPES for seven years. She has held vital positions at UPES, including those of subject coordinator, course coordinator, mentor, proctor, conference reviewer, and member of the curriculum design team. She has taught a variety of foundational and advanced courses in computer science.

Research Interests

Programming Languages, Web Technologies, Building Enterprise Application, Service Oriented Computing and Cloud Computing.

Teaching Philosophy

Anushree’s main mantra is to contribute something back to society. As a pedagogue, Anushree’s delivering philosophy is centered around enabling students to become independent, critical thinkers who are actively engaged in their own education. Anushree believes that every student has unique strengths, talents, and potential, and it is the responsibility of an educator to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters students’ growth and ignites their passion for learning. Anushree aims to authorize her students to become lifelong learners who can positively influence the world around them, by nurturing their unique strengths, talents and abilities, by keeping an eye on their individual performances.

Courses Taught

Anushree teaches subjects that are a perfect blend of core subjects and specialization subjects like Programming with Java, cloud computing, service-oriented computing, Python programming, Discrete Mathematics, Programming Languages, Web Technologies, Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Architecture, Open Source and Open standards, XML programming, CBNST.

Scholarly Activities

Anushree has served as the lead author on several Scopus-indexed research in the areas of enterprise applications, cloud computing, and blockchain applications. Many of her students have been inspired by her to publish quality articles in reputable journals, conferences, and book chapters as well. She is deeply committed to advancing knowledge, contributing to the IT industry, and fostering intellectual growth within the academic community. She has reviewed and authored various articles from Web of Science journals and International conferences.