Dhiviya Rose J

Dhiviya Rose J

Assistant Professor (S.G)

Profile Summary

Prof. Dhiviya is a skilled academician and a growing researcher. Impressive work ethic and commitment to creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment make her stand unique among the students. As a dedicated educator, her strength is to make students understand concepts through Problem Solving & Design Thinking principles. She is talented in using different teaching methods to reach out to students, which include gaming activities, drawn illustrations, storytelling, and visual presentations. She is also deeply committed to scholarly activities such as conducting original research, publishing scholarly articles, conference presentations, and participating in collaborative projects. She has published articles and book chapters in journals with SCI and Scopus indexes and many international conferences. She holds vital positions at UPES, including those of a subject coordinator, course coordinator, project coordinator, mentor, conference reviewer, and member of the curriculum design team.

Work Experience

Prof. Dhiviya is one of the experienced teachers of UPES in the School of Computer Science with 18+ years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. She worked as a teaching faculty at the Centre for Applied Research and Education (CARE), Tiruchirapalli, for five years before joining UPES. There she held the additional role of a website administrator and was involved in various academic activity coordination. Prior to joining CARE, Dhiviya served at Karunya University, Coimbatore for about six years, where she started her career as a lecturer and then advanced to the role of an Assistant Professor. She was instrumental in organizing Campus Connect - Foundation courses in collaboration with Infosys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and UGC-sponsored courses along with various academic administrative responsibilities.

Research Interests

Healthcare | Artificial Intelligence | Deep Learning | Multi-agent Systems (MAS) | Web Technology

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Dhiviya believes that a teacher can impart truth, knowledge, and wisdom for life. She affirms that the learning principles that govern the holistic development of an individual should encompass biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills. She thinks that teaching in tomorrow's world could take place in many ways, but a teacher is the only person who can provide all three components for a student's holistic growth. Her commitment as a teacher is towards effective teaching, mentoring, good listening, transparent evaluations, and support at times of need.

Courses Taught

Problem-Solving Using C and C++ | Java Programming | Web Technology | Software Agents | Database Management Systems | Computer Fundamentals | Windows Programming | Service Oriented Architecture | Operating Systems | Unix and Linux Fundamentals | Shell Programming | Open-Source Standards | XML Programming | Mobile Application Development

Awards and Grants

Prof. Dhiviya is a University Gold Medallist during her M.Tech. (CSE) from Karunya University, Coimbatore. She has contributed as a Project Manager for the CPPGG (Centre for Policy Planning and Good Governance) projects received by UCIE-UPES with the field data provided by the state government of Uttarakhand. The application covers the usage of Information Technology applications to facilitate farmers in advertising their product's availability to merchants and expert consultants. She has also received Best Paper Awards in various conferences for her presentations, to name a few ICETDT-2021, ASTMLS-2020, ICAICT-2021, etc.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Dhiviya is committed to research and serves as an inspiration for her students, motivating them to produce high-quality articles for prestigious conferences and book chapters. She has contributed many of the research articles in Scopus and SCI journals. Her scholarly activities encompass diversifying range of activities like developing application tools and creating new and innovative algorithms and models that extract valuable patterns and insights from complex data sets. Her interest and research area include developing a prediction tool for diabetic retinopathy using deep learning. A few recent good cited article of hers includes Generative Adversarial Networks Classifier Optimized with Water Strider Algorithm for Fake Tweets Detection - IETE Journal of Research (2023), Cross-lingual handwritten character recognition using long short term memory network with aid of elephant herding optimization algorithm - Pattern Recognition Letters (2022) and Smart Phone & IoT-Based Intellectual Messaging of Platform Details in Railways - Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (2021). She believes a teacher has to keep on learning and updating his/her knowledge of all the developments taking place across the world. To foster that, she has a regular habit of attending various FDPs, Train the Trainer Program, and online courses from reputed international universities, etc. from Oracle, IBM, and Michigan University.