Dr. Archana Kumari

Dr. Archana Kumari

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Archana Kumari is a highly motivated and dedicated fresher aspiring to make a significant contribution in the field of academia as an Assistant Professor. Having recently completed her doctoral degree in the field of Natural Language Processing from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Dr. Archana brings a fresh perspective and up-to-date expertise to the academic community. Her research during her graduate studies focused on NLP, where she demonstrated exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.  

Dr. Archana Kumari is also an avid researcher, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to contribute to the advancement of the field of NLP. She has published research articles in reputable academic journals, demonstrating her ability to conduct rigorous research and disseminate findings effectively. She is adept at leveraging various research methodologies and staying updated with the latest developments in the field of NLP.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES,  Archana  had the privilege of serving as an Assistant Professor in the SCSE at Galgotias University since August 2021. Her journey in academia has been characterized by a deep commitment to fostering intellectual growth, promoting research, and contributing to the overall development of students.

Research Interests

Natural Language processing I Word sense Disambiguation IDeep Learning I Generative AI

Teaching Philosophy

As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Archana fosters critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and encourages students to reach their full potential through her passion for research and teaching. Her passion for research and teaching, with a strong work ethic, make her an invaluable asset to any academic institution.

Courses Taught

The faculty member has taught a range of courses including Database Management Systems (DBMS), C Programming, and Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. These courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of database principles, programming in C, and foundational concepts in artificial intelligence. Through hands-on projects and theoretical instruction, students gain practical skills and knowledge essential for their academic and professional development in the field of computer science.