Dr. Arundhati Tarafdar

Dr. Arundhati Tarafdar

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Assistant Professor, Dr. Arundhati Tarafdar, is a seasoned professional with 11 years of diverse experience spanning academia, industry, and entrepreneurship. Arundhati demonstrates expertise in machine learning and computer vision, contributing to transformative projects in the automotive domain, specialized in 3D image generation and intensive numpy operations, delved into historical manuscript analysis, researched on multilingual word spotting garnered international recognition. Arundhati's entrepreneurial journey as the Founder underscores her leadership in applied computer vision and e-commerce. Throughout her career, she has exhibited strengths in networking, analytical thinking, and project management, earning accolades for her contributions, including career awards. Committed to empowerment, she actively engages in initiatives like the Women Empowerment and Entrepreneur Group, embodying a holistic approach to professional excellence and societal impact.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Tarafdar of diverse experience spanning academia, industry, and entrepreneurship, Arundhati excels in machine learning, research, and project management. As a Technical Lead at Wipro,she spearheads transformative projects in computer vision for the automotive domain. Arundhati's expertise extends to roles such as a Machine Learning Engineer, Postdoctoral Researcher, Senior Software Engineer, and Founder, showcasing her adaptability and leadership. Her academic journey includes a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Université de Tours, France where she focused on multilingual word spotting. Arundhati's career highlights include successful networking, analytical thinking, and impactful contributions to various projects and initiatives. 

Research Interests

Computer Vision I Machine Learning I Deep Learning I Entrepreneurship I SQL

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Arundhati Tarafdar is a dynamic professional adept in machine learning, project management, and problem-solving. Her career reflects a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and driving impactful solutions in diverse settings. She has incorporated some elements of “flipping the classroom” into his classes such as pre-reading assignments, in which students read assigned sections of the textbook and/or other resources prior to coming to class where they complete a short mathematical problem. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

Dr. Tarafdar teaches the elective on Social, Web and Mobile Analytics. She investigates on the detailed study of how these media helps customer acquisition in consumer market nowadays. She also teaches Pattern Recognition and anomaly detection. She takes a more ‘macro’ view to examine how pattern recognition and outlier detection are using similar methodologies and helping real world problem from two different aspects. 

Awards and Grants

Dr. Arundhati received the career excellence and best team handling award in her industry life. She has also received an immense appreciation from her doctoral school mentors’. Other than her career, as part of woman empowerment program she has received various kind of medals as an active woman rider and leader.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Arundhati has led multidisciplinary teams on an international collaborative project to better understand the computer vision based on document images. Her work has a strong approach for image analysis in a step-by-step manner.