Dr. Neeraj Chugh

Dr. Neeraj Chugh

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Neeraj Chugh holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from UTU (State Technical University) and completed his M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University, India, in 2001. During the last two decades, he has served at various universities and colleges with diverse academic and administrative responsibilities. He has published multiple papers in reputed journals and conferences. He is a life member of the Computer Society of India (CSI) and is associated with multiple journals and conferences as a technical expert and reviewer.

Work Experience

Dr. Neeraj Chugh is an accomplished academician with a wealth of experience in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering. He has been associated with UPES since 2009. Before joining UPES, he worked with ICFAI Tech (ICFAI University), Dehradun, as Faculty, Computer Science Department, from 2007 to 2009. He worked as HOD, Computer Science Department, from 2004 to 2007 and as Senior Lecturer, Computer Science Department, at MIT, Rishikesh, from 2002 to 2004. He was an IGNOU Counsellor (CIC, BCA, MCA) at MIT’s Rishikesh Centre from 2002 to 2007. He has been associated with several universities as an examiner.

Research Interests

Dr. Neeraj’s research interests include Machine learning, Ad Hoc Networks, and IoT. He has published research papers in SCI and Scopus-indexed journals and conferences. Through his ongoing research pursuits and scholarly activities, Dr. Chugh continues to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in his domain. He remains committed to nurturing the next generation of computer scientists and inspiring them to excel in their academic and professional journeys.

Teaching Philosophy

His diverse experience as a faculty member and head of the department has shaped his teaching philosophy and enriched his approach to education. He believes that hands-on experience comes with project-based learning. He used to provide real-world problems that we faced on a day-to-day basis for building projects. One of his projects, Faculty Feedback System, was in practice at UPES for four semesters, and he got recognition for the same from UPES management.

Courses Taught

During the last two decades, he taught a variety of technical papers, which included different kinds of programming such as C, C++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, and REXX and Core Subjects like Operating System, Advanced Database Management System: Oracle, Computer System Architecture, Digital Electronics, Software Engineering Data Warehouse and Data Mining, etc. with domain subjects like Mainframe Database Management System:DB2, Mainframe Operating System, Resource Allocation on Mainframe, Linux on Mainframe, and Mainframe Fundamental.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Neeraj is a computer science professor who engages in a variety of research-related activities. To enhance the wealth of knowledge in the field, he actively conducts research and publishes academic papers in recognised journals and conferences. Additionally, He helps students with their research projects by serving as a mentor and providing direction at every stage. Additionally, he reviews research papers for prestigious journals, assuring the quality and integrity of academic work. He gives talks and presentations at conferences to share his knowledge and views with other scholars in an effort to spread information and encourage collaboration. Additionally, he takes an active role in conferences and academic gatherings, both by attending and chairing conference sessions.