Dr. Shiladitya Bhattacharjee

Dr. Shiladitya Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor (SG)

Profile Summary

Dr. Shiladitya Bhattacharjee is currently working as an Assistant Professor (SG)  at UPES. He is a senior member of IEEE and a lifetime member of the Malaysia Board of Technology (MBOT) and the International Association of Engineers (IAENG). He has worked close with several universities/Institutions such as Universiti Teknologi (Perak, Malaysia), Lincoln Universiti College(Selangor, Malaysia), SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Chennai, India), Manipal University (Jaipur, India) and UPES(Dehradun, India) and Sobhasaria Group of Institution (Rajasthan, India). In consequence, he has gathered 7.6 years of teaching/research experience. He has also worked in collaboration with the industries like PETRONAS, Hitachi, and Kyutech University (Japan).  He completed his Ph.D. in January 2010 from  Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, and his Post-Doctoral in December 2020 from High-Performance Cloud Computing Center (HPC3) Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, respectively. He received his Master of Technology (M. Tech.) in IT and Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.)  in IT from Jadavpur University (India) in 2008 and Techno India University (India) in 2010 respectively. His research interests are data security, network security, big data security applications, IoT, Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration & security.  He has 25+ publications in the form of reputed Journals, conferences, book chapters, and edited books.

Work Experience

He joined UPES, Dehradun in June 2022 as an Assistant Professor(SG) in the Informatics cluster, School of Computer Science. In consequence, He has acquired extensive teaching experiences at the undergraduate and graduate levels in UPES (Dehradun, Uttarakhand), SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Chennai, India), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Perak, Malaysia), Lincoln University College (Selangor, Malaysia), and Shahdara Group of Institutions (Rajasthan, India). At the same time, he has gained research experience by working closely with several research organizations and industries such as Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia), Hitachi (Japan), PETRONAS (Malaysia), and Kyutech (Japan).

Research Interests

Over the past 7+ years, His research interests have focused on Big Data Security, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, and Parallel processing with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). He investigated the various challenges and security aspects of Big Data transmission as well as Cloud Computing, the challenges of GPU in processing and analyses of complex Big Data.  His main research goal is to create correlated integrated tools and algorithms to solve and address these corresponding challenges and security issues in combinatorial ways. The new domains of research he wants to explore are machine learning, deep learning, and AI-related research works further.

Teaching Philosophy

From his individual perspective, effective teaching is a very big challenge. It includes (and is not limited to) the student’s background, motivation, and aptitude to learning and the teacher’s preparation, communication presentation style, effectiveness as well as commitment towards the job.  An effective teacher is one who can make and keep students in the classroom feel at ease, motivated, and inspired to absorb and learn the information delivered by the teacher. Effective learning in the classroom depends greatly on the teacher’s ability to maintain the interest that brought students to the specific course in the first place.

Courses Taught

Based on experience, He found all aspects of teaching to be stimulating and rewarding, lecturing,  and interacting with the students, formulating problem sets, and lab experiments. Basically, he loves to teach all undergraduate courses related to the CSE curriculum. In particular, teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels, He has a sound background in Network Security, Big Data Analyses, Advance Networking, System Programming and Administration, Operating Systems, Microprocessors, Digital Electronics, Computer Architecture, Object-Oriented Programming, C, C++, Java, Cloud Computing, Network Security and Big Data. He conducted different lab and project courses as per his areas of interest for both levels.

Scholarly Activities

He has experience with various research work related to the processing and transmission of large, complex data with various security mechanisms in both Parallel and Serial processing platforms. Based on his past research experiences, his future research plan is to integrate the GPU processing power for analyzing big data along with adequate time efficiency and ensuring integrity and confidentiality in big data transmission. He has published 25+ articles in the form of reputed journals/ book chapters/ conferences or edited books in his research domain. Furthermore, he published/ filed  23 intellectual properties under his name in the form of Copy Rights/Patents. He wants to enhance this work by incorporating the combinatorial platform of Hadoop, HBase, and Hive for distribution as well as retrieving the large data sets to or from the various distributed storage in parallel with the efficient indexing system. Predictive analysis (Machine Learning) can be further incorporated for analyzing large data sets during big data processing, especially for oil, gas, and turbine data with different aspects. Furthermore, he has submitted a few proposals for securing some Governmental and Non-Governmental funds and emphasizes his research domain in other dimensions too.

Awards and Grants

He received the GOLD Medal for best research from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in 2021. He produced gross revenue of RM 4,58,970 by securing and completing various Malaysian and other international grants on Cloud Computing, Big Data Security, Cloud Security with GPU (Graphics processing unit) and Hadoop, Seismic Data processing with Hadoop and HBase, as well as Indexing of Seismic Big File with Hadoop and Hive. He obtained the Title- “Professional Technologist (P. Tech)” from the Malaysian Board of Technologists (MBOT), Malaysia. He qualified in GATE 2007 with the All-India Rank 530.