Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal

Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. His research focuses on cutting-edge areas such as digital testing, emerging computing with memristors, and memristive neuromorphic computing. Having earned both a B.Tech and M.Tech. in Radio Physics & Electronics from the University of Calcutta, Manobendra consistently has consistently shown his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. He has contributed significantly to the scientific community through publications in prestigious journals and conferences.

Work Experience

  • Assistant Professor at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun- (November’23 – Present).
  • Research Associate, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (Aug’ 14 - June’16) .

Research Interests

Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal, a researcher with a background in physics, electronics, and computer science, along with experience in digital testing, emerging computing, and designing neuromorphic architectures, directs his research focus towards the following areas: 

  • VLSI testing 
  • Fault-tolerance 
  • Emerging computing with memristors 
  • Designing neuromorphic systems with memristor

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal adopts a teaching approach that emphasizes the development of students' critical thinking abilities, fostering their capacity to independently analyze and reflect upon their beliefs. He actively promotes an environment that encourages them to expand their perspectives and be receptive to new ideas. He firmly believes that teaching is a two-way process, and it offers him a valuable opportunity to enhance my own understanding as well.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Manobendra Nath Mondal has undertaken extensive research across three pivotal domains: the digital testing of memristive crossbars, Boolean functional synthesis employing in-memory computation with memristive crossbars, and fault analysis in memristive neuromorphic computing systems. His noteworthy contributions have garnered recognition through numerous publications in esteemed journals and conferences. Dr. Mondal has successfully established fruitful collaborations with fellow researchers and institutions specialized in this domain. Additionally, he has made significant contributions as a reviewer for renowned journals and conferences. His acquired expertise in digital testing, neuromorphic hardware design, strategic thinking, and research methodologies positions him to drive advancements in this evolving field.

Awards and Grants

  • GATE in Electronics and Communications (ECE) 
  • State Eligibility Test in Electronic Science, West Bengal 
  • TEQIP Fellowship at University of Calcutta 
  • Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, Govt. of West Bengal