Asstt. Professor

Profile Summary

As an experienced employee, Gaytri has a wide range of skills and knowledge, which makes her an especially well-suited academician in the field of computer science. She has a strong background in machine learning, Image Processing, and IoT. She has continuously shown that she is capable of conducting both research and teaching. She excels in fast-paced settings where she can put her knowledge to produce significant outcomes. She is recognized for her problem-solving and inventive abilities.

Work Experience

She has more than six years of experience in teaching, guiding, and research. She has developed a strong enthusiasm for learning and dedication to the success of her students. She has worked to create a vibrant, inclusive learning atmosphere while conducting influential research and mentoring students. She is keen to share her knowledge and motivate the following generation of learners due to her strong commitment to academic success, constant growth, and contribution to society.

Research Interests

Image Processing | Machine Learning | Computer Vision | IoT

Teaching Philosophy

Her teaching methodology is focused on establishing an interactive and practical learning environment that inspires students to become analytical thinkers, educated problem-solvers, and perpetual learners. She is an educator with a specialty in engineering and technical subjects. She thinks it's crucial to connect theory to practice so that students can comprehend the applicability of engineering concepts in the actual world. She motivates students to actively participate in the learning process by incorporating active learning techniques like group projects, case studies, and simulations. This helps students develop their ability to analyze challenging issues, team up successfully, and apply their knowledge to overcome obstacles in the real world.

Courses Taught

Programming languages (C.C++,Python), Computer Organization, Data Communication and Computer Networks, IOT, Physical Security, Computer Graphics, Database Management System, Software Quality Management, OSS Development Methodology, Sensor Technology and Instrumentation, Web 2.0 Technologies, IT Applications and Open Standards, XML.

Scholarly Activities

She is a researcher and academician with a strong record of publications. The numerous research articles she has written demonstrate her mastery of the subject and her commitment to furthering knowledge in that area. Furthermore, Gaytri has actively participated in prestigious conferences where she has shared her research and conversed with other academics and industry leaders. Her contributions to academia demonstrate her dedication to keeping on the cutting edge of research and disseminating her knowledge to the larger scientific world.