Manish Kumar Pandey

Manish Kumar Pandey

Profile Summary

Prof. Manish Kumar Pandey is recognised as one of the leading experts on the studies of L-functions associated to automorphic forms. His work focuses on the study of analytic and arithmetic properties of automorphic L-functions.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, he was at the SRM University AP, working as an assistant professor. Prior to that he was at IISER Bhopal.

Research Interests

Analytic and arithmetic properties of automorphic L-functions, Lifting maps, Spectral theory of automorphic forms.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Pandey’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that it is his responsibility to create a climate that supports and encourages student learning. He has incorporated some elements of “flipping the classroom” into his classes such as pre-reading assignments, in which students read assigned sections of the textbook and/or other resources prior to coming to class where they complete a short quiz. Quiz material is not repeated in class but instead is used as the foundation for in-class assignments that involve students working with real data and situations. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

Some of the courses include, topology, complex analysis, number theory, engineering mathematics.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Pandey is an active researcher. Apart from his research work he is actively organizing workshops and conferences which allow people to interact and share their ideas. He is also reviewer of some of the reputed journals.

Awards and Grants

He received funding from NCM to organize a workshop on number theory. Currently his research is funded by NBHM(DAE).