Nadeem Yousuf Khanday

Nadeem Yousuf Khanday

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Nadeem Yousuf Khanday is an accomplished individual with a strong educational background and expertise in various areas of computer science and engineering. He has obtained a B.E. in CSE from VTU Belgaum, M.Tech CSE from VGU Jaipur and a Ph.D. from NIT Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir. He has successfully cleared several competitive exams, including the GATE, UGC-NET, and JK-SET. These exams are highly regarded in their respective fields and demonstrate his strong academic capabilities. His expertise lies in various domains, including image processing, computer vision, machine learning, and visual learning. These areas involve the application of computational methods to analyse, understand, and interpret images and visual data. He has made notable contributions to the field of computer science and engineering through his publications. He has authored a significant number of research papers published in SCI and Scopus-indexed journals. The high impact factor of these publications indicates their influence and recognition within the academic community. Furthermore, he has also obtained a patent for his work, highlighting his innovative contributions to the field. His work has also been featured in conferences and book chapters, contributing to the collective knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES, Nadeem Yousuf Khanday has gained teaching experience as an assistant professor (contract) at NIT Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir for a duration of 1.5 years. This role involved teaching undergraduate or postgraduate students, conducting research activities, and contributing to the academic environment of the institution. Additionally, He worked as an assistant professor in Institute of Technology, University of Kashmir. These experiences as an assistant professor in prestigious institutions showcase his commitment to academia and dedication to imparting knowledge to students.

Research Interests

Computer Vision I Visual Learning I Machine Learning I Artificial Intelligence I Image processing

Teaching Philosophy

Nadeem Yousuf Khanday’s teaching philosophies reflect his perspective on how students learn best and how to effectively facilitate the learning process. His teaching philosophies include essentialism, progressivism, constructivism, perennialism, behaviourism, humanism, and social constructivism.

Courses Taught

Nadeem Yousuf Khanday teaches a range of subjects in the field of computer science, which includes Data structure and algorithms, Operating systems, Theory of computation, Graph theory, Computer vision, Machine learning with real-world applications.