Neelu Jyothi Ahuja

Neelu Jyothi Ahuja


Profile Summary

An avid academician and researcher, Professor Neelu Ahuja, has successfully delivered government-sponsored R&D projects and consultancies worth 1.5+ crore since 2013. To her credit, she holds successful delivery of half a dozen R&D projects and consultancies funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), GOI. The focus area of the projects was primarily towards applications of AI in education, and one of the noteworthy outcomes is the development of tutoring tools for individuals with learning disabilities. She is currently, developing, an AI-based smart snake trapper, presenting a novel method to capture big 4 snakes, without the need for risky human intervention. Common threads across her research work are bringing the benefits of technological interventions closer to the grassroots of society.

11 scholars are awarded PhD under her supervision and 06 are ongoing with their doctoral work. She is a widely acclaimed speaker at prestigious global forums. As an invited speaker, she addressed at United Nations, the 8 Multi-Stakeholder Forum for Science, Technology and Innovations for Sustainable Development Goals. She is on the panel of various committees, including WHO-Promotion of Assistive Products and Technologies, ‘DST-Expert Committee for Inspection, and on-the-spot review of CORE (long-term) projects.

Work Experience

Dr. Ahuja has had over 24+ years of experience in academics, with over 17+ years being at UPES. Her experience span, teaching computer science courses, both at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. She had started her career in Andhra Pradesh as a Systems Associate in the software development domain, working there for a little over two years, before moving on to academics.

Research Interests

AI and ML-based applications, AI applications in Education and Health care, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Blockchain Technology, and Object-Oriented Development.

Teaching Philosophy

As a passionate academician, Prof. Ahuja, has been a strong practitioner of innovative teaching styles, pedagogical frameworks, curriculum development and experimentation. Owing to her practice and experience, she has been engaging in teaching learning conversations, mentoring activities, and holistic student engagement and experience development. She strongly believes that learning is the first step towards teaching and is an advocate of teaching beyond formal classroom boundaries.

Courses Taught

Professor Neelu Ahuja teaches Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Programming, Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Virtualization Basics. Under Cloud Fundamentals course, she also teaches different cloud delivery and deployment models further deepening into cloud workload suitability concepts. Under virtualization basics, she teaches different types of virtualizations.

Awards and Grants

Uttarakhand Law Commission and Uttarakhand Human Rights Commission, Govt. of Uttarakhand have conferred her with Himalayan Nari Shakti Award (2020), and Institute of Green Engineers have conferred Prof. Ahuja, with IGEN Women Achievers Award (2021) in recognition of her research contributions. She is a recipient of the ‘Leading Women Researcher Award’ from Uttarakhand State Council for Science and Technology (UCOST), conferred on her on International Women’s Day (2022). She has also received felicitation from UCOST, for her contributions to education and research. She has received a 1.5 crore+ grant for various research projects.

Scholarly Activities

She has successfully delivered R&D Projects sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), in the capacity of Principal Investigator, under various schemes such as TIDE (Technology Interventions for Disabled and Elderly), CSRI (Cognitive Science Research Initiative), SEED (Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development, TSP, etc. The total grant across six R&D projects is about 1.5 crores. She has published 70+ papers in reputed journals and conferences at international and national levels. Some of the journals, that she has published are Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Journal of Computing in Higher Education, Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, IEEE Access. She is a member of professional societies such as IEEE, ACM, and ACM-Women. She is IRCA & CQI Certified ISO-27001:2013 Lead Auditor (from BSI).

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