Niharika Singh

Niharika Singh

Assistant Professor- Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Niharika Singh, a respected professor at UPES, has a distinguished teaching career spanning more than nine years that has been distinguished by quality and dedication. During her time there, she had a big impact on many students' lives, giving them crucial advice and mentoring that helped them achieve extraordinary things in their chosen fields. 

Niharika Singh also does research in the areas of image processing, autonomous navigation, healthcare, data analytics, and theoretical computer science in addition to her duties as a teacher. She has written about 35 research papers, articles, and book chapters that have been published in journals with SCI, WOS, and/or Scopus indices. Additionally, she serves as a member of the reviewer board for numerous international and national conferences. She is a well-known professor at UPES who is known for her fervent support of outcome-based education. Her teaching strategy is focused on ensuring that her students learn useful skills and receive concrete results.

Work Experience

Niharika Singh has a solid academic background with nine years of cumulative experience. She has been a crucial member of UPES since 2014 and has given her all to the practise of teaching.

Research Interests

Niharika Singh's research interests encompass a diverse range of areas, including image processing, autonomous navigation, healthcare, data analytics, advancing technology and education.

Teaching Philosophy

Niharika Singh believes in putting the needs of the students at the centre of the classroom experience. Her strategy places a strong emphasis on participation, developing critical thinking abilities, and encouraging the application of knowledge in the real world. Niharika gives importance to these components so that her pupils can take an active role in their own education and become more equipped for success in the real world. Her approach to teaching is consistent with her commitment to fostering an open and dynamic learning environment that fosters students' intellectual and personal development.

Courses Taught

For both undergraduate and graduate students, Niharika Singh has delivered lectures and workshops on a variety of topics, including Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Microprocessor, Embedded Systems, Data Analytics, Neural Networks, Programming in Python, and Programming for Problem Solving. Her knowledge in these fields has given students the chance to learn important lessons and get real-world experience, giving them the tools they need to succeed in school and in their future employment.

Awards and Grants

Due to Prof. Singh's exceptional achievements during her career, she has received a number of notable prizes and medals. These impressive accomplishments serve as a testament to his outstanding knowledge and commitment to his field.

Scholarly Activities

Niharika Singh is a highly productive researcher who has significantly improved a variety of subjects through her numerous publications. She explores a wide range of subjects in her research articles, including autonomous navigation, machine learning, and more.