Pankaj Badoni

Pankaj Badoni

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Pankaj Badoni is an accomplished faculty member at UPES, with a commendable teaching tenure spanning over 10 years. He has had a profound impact on the lives of numerous students, guiding and mentoring them toward achieving remarkable success in their respective fields.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Pankaj is an active researcher in the field of game development. He has garnered significant expertise in this domain and has created a diverse range of games, as well as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. His innovative creations have been published on the popular Play Store platform, displaying his talent and contributions to the gaming industry.

Pankaj holds the distinction of being a leading faculty member at UPES, firmly believing in the concept of outcome-based learning. He strives to create an engaging and practical learning environment for his students, ensuring that they develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields. His dedication and commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience make him an invaluable asset to the institution.

Work Experience

Pankaj Badoni possesses a cumulative experience of 12 years. Prior to his tenure at UPES, he served as a Software Developer at Headstrong Technologies in Noida. Since 2013, he has been associated with UPES, dedicating himself to teaching.

Research Interests

Game Development I Augmented Reality I Virtual Reality I Gamification I Design Thinking I Computer Graphics

Teaching Philosophy

Pankaj's teaching philosophy centres on outcome-driven, practical, and iterative development. He believes in the importance of tangible results and hands-on learning experiences. By emphasizing practical application, Pankaj equips his students with the necessary skills to succeed in their fields. Through an iterative approach, he encourages continuous improvement and refinement. This philosophy ultimately leads to the creation of immersive game experiences and applications. Pankaj's teaching style fosters creativity, expertise, and a commitment to lifelong learning in his students.

Courses Taught

Pankaj Badoni's expertise in graphics and gaming is deeply rooted in the courses he has taught, including Computer Graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, UI/UX, Graphics Animation tools, and Game Programming. These courses have provided a strong foundation for his students, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Through teaching Computer Graphics, Pankaj has guided students in understanding and creating visual elements. His instruction in Augmented and Virtual Reality has allowed students to explore immersive and interactive technologies. Pankaj's focus on UI/UX has emphasized user-centered design and seamless experiences. Teaching Graphics Animation tools has enabled students to bring their creative ideas to life, while Game Programming has empowered them to develop captivating gaming experiences.

Awards and Grants

Pankaj Badoni has received several notable awards and recognitions throughout his career. In the year 2021, he was the winner of the Toy Hackathon for his game 'Setu Bandha,' an initiative organized by AICTE and MHRD, the Government of India. Additionally, Pankaj's team was among the top seven finalists out of 150 teams that presented their board game 'Aarogya' to the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Toy Hackathon.

Pankaj has received recognition for his contributions to education. He was honoured with the 'Best Teacher Award-2019' at UPES Dehradun in the School of Computer Science. Additionally, he was awarded the 'Best Teacher Award-2020' by Divy Himgiri and UCOST, a Science and Technology body in Uttarakhand.

IKS (Indian Knowledge System) Project, funded by AICTE (AICTE/IKS/RFP2/2021-22/18), is an ongoing endeavour undertaken jointly by the School of Engineering and the School of Computer Science. As a Co-PI in this project, Pankaj is actively involved in its execution, aiming to deliver it by early 2024. Additionally, under the TCS-ION consultancy project, Pankaj had the opportunity to contribute as a resource person, delivering three modules on Immersive Game Design in collaboration with the School of Design and School of Computer Science. These initiatives highlighted his dedication to interdisciplinary research and my commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in the field.

Scholarly Activities

Pankaj actively participates in scholarly activities and takes on the role of mentor and guide in club and chapter initiatives. He plays a crucial role in preparing students to achieve ambitious goals, while also providing support to those who are working on start-up ideas or tackling social problems. Through his mentorship, Pankaj helps students develop their skills and knowledge, instilling confidence and offering valuable resources. By nurturing their personal growth and empowering them to make a positive impact, he equips students to confidently pursue their dreams and create meaningful change in the world.