Pooja Sarin

Pooja Sarin

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

She is a Data Science Researcher and pursuing PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, working in the space of applied machine learning for "Social Media Challenges." She loves to explore and work with several use cases and applications related to Big Data from the business/industry perspective, also keeping "Sustainability," "Innovation," and "AI for Social Good" in her mind. She has joined as Assistant Professor in January 2024 and is in the final stages of her PhD thesis.

Work Experience

Before joining the Ph.D. program, she has worked as Research Associate and explored the domain of Big Data and its applications (Air Pollution and Computer Vision Applications) at IIT Delhi. She also has research experience as an M.Tech trainee at the Central Scientific Instrumentation Organization (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), Chandigarh, in the domain of Earthquake Data Analytics. She has done B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

Research Interests

Sustainability| Big Data| Social Physics |Dark Side of Technology| Innovation |Digital Health| Generative AI| Computational Social Science| Blockchain Applications

Teaching Philosophy

Her teaching philosophy revolves around inspiring a profound understanding of foundational concepts while nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through active learning methods and real-world applications, she aims to empower students to tackle complex challenges with creativity and confidence. She’s dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected. Continuous improvement is at the core of her approach, as she constantly seeks feedback and integrate innovative teaching strategies. She’s passionate about equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of technology.

Courses Taught

Her passion lies in the realm of Big Data and its diverse applications. Currently, she is teaching electives in Human-Computer Interaction and Agile Practices. Through her engaging invited talks and immersive workshops, her goal is to ignite a sense of curiosity and capability among students to thrive in the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies. Notably, she has conducted highly successful workshops on Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, and Extended Reality, earning praise for her expertise and drawing significant interest from a diverse audience. Professor Pooja's commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge dissemination underscores her pivotal role in shaping the next generation of tech leaders.

Awards and Grants

She has achieved several notable accolades. These include the AIS Ephraim McLean Membership Scholarship for her work in the Information Systems field, an Institute Fellowship she got while doing her Ph.D. at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and the GATE Scholarship during M.Tech. She's also been given scholarships to attend prestigious AIS and ACM conferences, which helped her learn and connect with other professionals in her field, boosting her career growth.

Scholarly Activities

She is an emerging researcher in computational social science, delving into the intricate realms of the dark side of social media. Engaged in ML4H Reviewer Mentorship, MIS Quarterly Reviewer Workshops, and ACM COMPASS Shadow PC, she continuously hones her reviewing skills. Additionally, she has led as Program Chair for BESC and contributed to various review panels including DSS, ICIS, CSCW, and ACM CHI, cultivating a strong foundation in scholarly evaluation.