Prof. Karmeshu

Prof. Karmeshu

Distinguished Professor

Profile Summary

Prof. Karmeshu is a Distinguished Professor at the School of Computer Science and is also the Director of Centre for Stochastic Modelling and Simulation. He is working as Chairman of Scientific Computing Panel, Naval Research Board, DRDO and is also an Adjunct Professor at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM-Gwalior). Professor Karmeshu has made outstanding contributions to the area of non-linear stochastic modelling and simulation of a variety of multidisciplinary systems. With growing realization that real world systems are inherently nonlinear, modelling and computational frameworks have become essential features of scientific enquiry. Prof. Karmeshu has developed and investigated non-linear stochastic models for systems ranging from physical, engineering, biological to sociotechnical systems. The salient characteristics of these models is that they exhibit self-organization, bifurcation/threshold phenomena, multiple equilibria, transition from unimodal to bimodal/multi modal distributions, etc. Professor Karmeshu lays considerable emphasis on the power of mathematical modelling which has become the language of contemporary scholarship. Prof. Karmeshu is a recipient of prestigious award Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology. He has published over 120 research papers in reputed Journals and conducted several foreign visits on academic assignments all over the world.

Work Experience

Prof. Karmeshu, prior to joining UPES, served as Professor as well as Dean of SOCS and SCIS in JNU, during the period 1986 to 2017 and served as distinguished Professor at SNU from 2017 to 2022. Before joining JNU he was a visiting scientist/faculty in Europe, Canada and Mexico. He has given many research seminars in the Universities in China, Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico. Prof. Karmeshu also served on several committees of CSIR, DRDO, DST, SERB, UGC, UPSC, AICTE, and ICAR, including as a member of Personality Test Board for interviewing candidates who qualify Indian Civil Services, Main Examination, UPSC. He has served on NAAC Committee for evaluation of several institutes including TIFR, IIIT(Hyderabad), IIIT(Bangalore).

Research Interests

Prof. Karmeshu is involved in the study of systems which are governed by Markov Chains, Stochastic Differential Equations, etc, by employing analytical as well as computational tools including Monte Carlo Simulation. He is pursuing areas like Computational Neuro Science, Computational Finance, Performance Modelling of Computer Communication Networks, Modelling of Socio-Technical System including innovation diffusion. Problems related to air pollutants and the phenomenon of Urban Heat Island are also being explored. Broadening the scope of enquiry, he intends to focus on Data-Driven Modelling and System Identification, Hybrid modelling approaches, Reinforcement Learning in Partially Observable Stochastic Environments.

Teaching Philosophy

The teaching philosophy of Professor Karmeshu is comprehensive and helps cultivate essential analytical capabilities, preparing students to pursue a variety of careers, including research. He places significant emphasis on understanding basic concepts and their relevance within the immediate context of a topic. Moreover, he extends the applicability of the conceptual framework to other interconnected domains, creating a truly interdisciplinary discourse. Professor Karmeshu also emphasizes the use of mathematical and computational approaches to address current challenges across diverse scientific disciplines. He encourages students to engage in interactive sessions both inside and outside the classroom, and promotes group projects to foster collaborative and enjoyable learning.

Courses Taught

Uncertainty is ubiquitous and its understanding is central to decision making. Real world systems whether physical, engineering, biological, environmental or social systems are inherently non-linear and uncertain. Management of uncertainty demands its modelling and quantification (assessment) and processing it to design application systems and/or making decisions. During the last four decades, Prof. Karmeshu has taught several courses dealing with both deterministic as well as stochastic systems which may be linear or non-linear. He has taught several courses dealing with these aspects in Computer Science, Engineering, Biological and Social Sciences including Management Science.

Scholarly Activities

Professor Karmeshu was the elected President of 85th Session of ISCA, member of the Senate of IIT (Delhi), IIT (Roorkee) and ABV-IITM (Gwalior). He was the chairman of DOEACC Course Curricular in Bioinformatics. He was a member of Expert Group on Informatics Technology under New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership (NMIITLI) CSIR. During CSIR Golden Jubilee Year, Prof. Karmeshu guest edited two special issues on Mathematical Modelling on Innovation Diffusion. He was a member of the Standing Committee on National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD. He has served serval times as a member of Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Committee in Mathematical Sciences. Prof. Karmeshu was consultant to Centre of Prospective Investigations 1983-1984 in Fundación Javier Barros Sierra AC Mexico in the area of Mathematical Models for Demographic Studies of Urbanization. He also served as Advisor in Systems Research Group 1983-1985, Institute of Engineering UNAM in the area of Mathematical Modelling and Stochastic Processes. At UPES, Prof. Karmeshu chaired the curriculum design committee in Mathematical sciences at the School of Computer Science. He mentored the faculty members and ensured the mathematical rigour and relevance with the emphasis on applications in computer science and engineering.

Awards and Grants

In the recognition of Prof. Karmeshu’s outstanding pioneering contributions, Dayalbagh Educational Institute awarded him D.Sc. degree (Honoris Causa). Prof. Karmeshu is the recipient of SSB Award, CM Jacob Medal in 1990, Distinguished Service Award of Vijnana Parishad of India in 2013, and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2024 and System Society of India Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. He received the fellowship of Indian Academy for Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in 2015. Prof. Karmeshu was the President of Indian Society for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (ISMMACS), HQ: IIT Kanpur. He is the Fellow National Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Communication Engineers and Information Technologies (ICEIT). He was also the President of the Mathematics Consortium, TIMC and has served as Chairman/member of various National level Committees.