Sandip Kumar Chaurasiya

Sandip Kumar Chaurasiya

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Sandip Kumar Chaurasiya, in his teaching experience of over 13 years, has made a significant difference in the lives of many students by assisting and mentoring them in achieving remarkable success in their respective fields. He is an active researcher in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN), Internet-of-Things (IoT), disconnected/partitioned WSN, and metaheuristic algorithms. He has significantly published many research articles in SCI/Scopus-indexed journals and conferences of international repute. He has authored several books on wireless sensor networks with international publishers.

Work Experience

Sandip Kumar Chaurasiya has an accumulated teaching experience of over 13 years. Before joining UPES, he provided his services to DIT University, Dehradun, as an assistant professor for more than 5 years and Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, for a year. Since July 2016, he has been an active member of the UPES family, dedicating himself to teaching.

Research Interests

Wireless Sensor Networks | Disconnected Wireless Sensor Networks | Internet-of-Things | Metaheuristic Algorithms

Teaching Philosophy

His teaching primarily centres on the iterative development of the students through project-based learning and hands-on sessions. He is a firm believer that lifelong learning can only be developed through experimentation.

His aforesaid teaching philosophy encourages the students to demonstrate their creativity and fosters expertise and commitment among the students.

Courses Taught

He prefers to deal with the fundamental and core subjects of computer science and engineering like Discrete Mathematics, Formal Language and Automata Theory, Compiler Design, Principles of Programming Languages, Modelling and Simulation, IoT Programming, and so on. These courses have provided a strong foundation for his students, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge in their respective fields.