Shamik Tiwari

Shamik Tiwari


Profile Summary

Dr. Shamik Tiwari is an experienced teaching and research professor with a strong background of 20 years in computer vision, data science, predictive and statistical modelling, machine learning, and deep learning. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a deep passion for understanding and solving complex problems in these fields, and he is committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge through research and sharing his expertise with the next generation of students.

In the realm of computer vision, he has extensive knowledge of image processing techniques, object detection, recognition, and medical informatics algorithms. He has worked on various projects involving computer vision applications such as Alzheimer’s disease detection, Monkeypox detection, Diabetic Retinopathy Screening, facial recognition, object segmentation, and scene understanding. His research contributions have been published in reputable conferences and journals, showcasing his ability to contribute to the advancement of this field.

He has extensive experience in accrediting programs, including NAAC, NBA, and ABET, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards and enhancing educational quality. Proficient in guiding institutions through evaluation processes, streamlining operations, and facilitating successful accreditation outcomes. He has demonstrated success in cultivating strategic alliances with industry partners, driving collaborative research projects, internships, and knowledge transfer to enhance academic programs and provide practical opportunities for students.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES in 2017, Dr. Tiwari served at Mody University of Science & Technology, formerly known as Mody Institute of Technology & Science, where he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering from August 2009 to June 2017. Before that he held the position of Senior Lecturer at Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mathura, Sharda Group of Institution from July 2007 to July 2009, and as a Lecturer in the same institution from July 2004 to June 2007. His academic career began at the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology, Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology & Management, Aligarh from August 2003 to June 2004.

Research Interests

His research interests revolve around machine learning, deep learning, predictive modelling, statistical modelling, image processing, and computer vision. He is passionate about developing innovative algorithms and models that can extract valuable patterns and insights from complex data sets. His focus is on leveraging advanced techniques such as deep neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and statistical methods to enhance accuracy and efficiency in tasks like classification, regression, image analysis, and object recognition. By combining these fields, his aim is to contribute to the advancement of technology and address real-world challenges with data-driven solutions.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Tiwari focuses on creating an engaging, inclusive, and student-centric learning environment. He has employed a variety of techniques, including lectures, group activities, and practical demonstrations, to enhance understanding and cater to different learning styles. He emphasizes real-world applications and encourages active participation to foster critical thinking and collaboration among students.

Courses Taught

Prof. Tiwari has taught courses in predictive modelling, statistical modelling, image processing, data structures, operating systems, cloud computing, and advanced database management systems. These courses provide students with a strong foundation and practical skills in their respective fields, allowing them to analyze data, make accurate predictions, manipulate images, manage data efficiently, understand operating systems, leverage cloud-based technologies, and work with advanced database systems.

Awards and Grants

Awarded project titled ‘Non-invasive diagnostic tool for Diabetic Retinopathy using lightweight Intelligent Applications and Fundus photography’ funded by Amrit Grand Challenge – JANCARE (BIRAC).

Scholarly Activities

As a professor of Computer Science, Prof. Tiwari encompasses a wide range of research-related endeavours. He actively engages in conducting research and publishing scholarly articles in reputable journals and conferences to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Additionally, He guides and mentors students in their research projects, providing guidance and support throughout the process. He also takes on the responsibility of reviewing research papers for esteemed journals, ensuring the quality and rigor of academic work. To disseminate knowledge and foster collaboration, he delivers talks and presentations at conferences, sharing his expertise and insights with fellow researchers. Furthermore, he actively participates in conferences and academic events, attending as well as chairing conference sessions. He also contributes to the academic community by serving as an editor for books and journals, facilitating the publication of high-quality research in his field. Throughout his career, He has contributed to the academic development of students, conducted research, and participated in various professional activities. His extensive experience in teaching, research, and leadership roles has equipped him with valuable skills in mentoring, curriculum development, and fostering an engaging learning environment.