Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Abhishek Kumar is associated with the fashion industry for over a decade and has developed a profound understanding of the global fashion landscape. He began with a solid educational foundation, having completed his graduation and post-graduation degrees in fashion technology and fashion management, respectively, from NIFT. He had worked in garment export houses and is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of international sourcing, product development processes and apparel manufacturing. He is also pursuing his PhD in fashion technology.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Abhishek Kumar worked as a merchandiser at Classic Fashion Apparel Industry in Jordan. There, he was leading the sourcing team for the product development of Adidas. He had also worked for the manufacturing units of Bewakoof.com, Orient Craft and Raymond Group in India.

Research Interests

Fashion Technology, Apparel Manufacturing, Functional Garments, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Innovation

Teaching Philosophy

Abhishek Kumar’s teaching philosophy for students is to create an engaging and interactive learning environment that emphasizes relevance, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary connections. Through student-centred approaches and inclusive discussions, he strives to foster creativity, analytical skills, and a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations that underpin design.

Courses Taught

Abhishek Kumar teaches a diverse range of courses in the fashion domain, including garment construction, research methodology, fashion future, responsible design, smart clothing, fashion marketing and retail, fashion quality control & assurance, and business plan for startups. In garment construction, students learn the technical aspects of creating apparel, honing their skills in patternmaking, sewing, and fitting. Research methodology equips students with the tools to conduct in-depth research in the fashion industry. Fashion Future explores emerging trends and innovations shaping the future of fashion. Responsible design focuses on sustainability and ethical practices. Smart clothing delves into the integration of technology and fashion. Fashion marketing and retail delve into strategic marketing and retail management. Fashion quality control & assurance emphasizes maintaining product quality standards. Lastly, the business plan for startups equips students with the knowledge to develop and launch their fashion ventures.