Ajit Bhandari

Ajit Bhandari

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Ajit Bhandari is an accomplished designer and educator currently working as an Associate Professor at the School of Design UPES, Dehradun. He has rich experience of over 18 years in the field of design and design education. He specializes in Industrial Product/Lifestyle & Accessory Design. Ajit has had the privilege of working with renowned organizations such as Walmart, Normak Fashions (P) Ltd, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Pearl Academy, Khadi & Village Industries Commission of India, Ministry of MSMEs (Govt. of India), and Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU). He earned his degree in Design from NIFT, New Delhi and has certifications in Academic practices and online hybrid education and virtual teaching. Currently, he is pursuing an MBA from IIM. Ajit truly excels in the development process of Lifestyle Products from concept to realization.

Research Interests

Ajit’s research interests lie in the relationship between design, business, and consumer behaviour. His work revolves around conducting consumer research to gain insights into preferences, needs, and behaviours to aid businesses make informed decisions. Trend forecasting is another key area of focus for Ajit as he predicts and anticipates future shifts in consumer preferences enabling businesses to stay ahead of the curve and adapt their offerings accordingly. Strategic management is also important in his research as he explores how design can create value for customers and stakeholders. He evaluates different strategic approaches within the design industry to identify best practices.

Teaching Philosophy

Ajit believes in the holistic development of learners and thus strives to achieve a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. He places great importance on fostering collaboration with industry, to bring real-world projects to classrooms. He firmly believes in learning through action, encouraging students to actively participate in hands-on activities and projects. He understands that making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process and motivates students to view them as opportunities for growth and improvement. By constantly refining his teaching methods based on personal experiences and student feedback, Ajit strives to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that cultivates independent problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Courses Taught

Ajit has an extensive teaching portfolio that covers a wide range of courses. These courses include Design Methodology/Process, Materials & Processes, Fashion Studies, History & Philosophy of Design, Leather Construction, Elements & Principles of Design, Material Explorations, Model Making/Prototyping, Advanced Visual Studies, Trends and Influences, Culture Studies, Color Material and Finish. Additionally, it also covers Design Research Methodology, Design Thinking, Precious Metal Accessories, Mixed Materials, Biomimicry, Mass Customization, Crafts, Design & Social Impact, Speculative Design Interior Space Accessories, Footwear and Soft Goods, Business Tools for Designers as well as Design Projects in Industrial Products, and Lifestyle & Accessory Design and Fashion.

Awards and Grants

Ajit is an experienced designer and has expertise in the field of lifestyle and accessories, particularly jewellery. He has worked with renowned organizations such as Walmart and Normak Fashions (P) Ltd. He has also taught at prestigious educational institutions like the National Institute of Fashion Technology and Pearl Academy. In academia, he served on the Board of Studies at Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU), contributing to the development of an industry-driven curriculum. He mentored the winning team in creating an innovative game based on Vedic math during the Toycathon organized by The Government of India in 2021. Ajit has received recognition for his contributions to academic excellence, including receiving the Excellence Award from Pearl Academy in 2016. His avant-garde jewellery design entry was selected as a finalist in the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Jewelry Design Contest held in 2011. One notable highlight from his career was showcasing his bridal jewellery collection at a national-level event called "UNBRIDLED – The Marriage of Tradition and Avant-Garde" hosted by Crystallized – Swarovski Elements in 2008. He also holds several design registrations as a co-inventor.