Avimesh Sharma

Avimesh Sharma

Assistant Professor Senior Scale, Game Design

Profile Summary

Mr. Avimesh Sharma is a versatile Artist and 3D Visuals Designer, holding a master's degree in Painting (MFA) and B.Ed. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the realm of Indian Sculptures. Avimesh's artistic journey includes participation in painting exhibitions, life-size installation projects, art and craft events, and research endeavors. With over 30 awards and 35 paintings showcased in group exhibitions, he has left his creative imprint on various platforms. Notably, his contributions extend to AAA video game titles, such as Darksouls-2, Rage Worriers, Rare, World of Tanks, and more. Avimesh's work has garnered attention on national and international levels, featured in newspapers, art blogs, and design platforms. He also provides animation and gaming design services and remains open to collaborative projects.

Work Experience

With over 12 years of experience in the 3D Games & Animation industry, Avimesh has honed his skills in producing both low and high-resolution environment models, ensuring accurate shapes and forms tailored for the stylized 3D video game sector and Metaverse. His expertise extends to crafting 3D assets, props, and levels catering to diverse mediums such as film, gaming, virtual platforms, television, and print media. Proficient in various forms of modeling and texturing, Avimesh also brings his artistic finesse to art and craft. Joining UPES in 2016, he has seamlessly merged his academic pursuits with his passion for the creative domain.

Research Interests

3D - Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Animation, Game designs, Metaverse, Traditional Paintings Mix Media, Art & Craft, Design Process Implementation, Conceptualization, and sketching skills, 3D virtual worlds, Physical Board Games, 2D & 3D Rendering, Clay Sculpting, Form modeling, Full-size prototype, Laser cutting Drawings.

Avimesh's Teaching Philosophy revolves around his extensive industry experience, sharing life insights, and practical applications. His approach is hands-on, emphasizing real projects and employing natural examples. He believes in adapting teaching methods to match the evolving needs of students, fostering exploration across subjects. Avimesh follows a "Learn-Create-Share" principle, promoting a dynamic "Give and Take" environment during lectures, enhancing engagement and encouraging mutual learning.

Courses Taught

Material Exploration, Design Process, Computer Application, Introduction to 3D, Principles of Animation, UV Mapping & Texturing, Basics of animation, Introduction of Game Design, World Design for games, History of Game Design, Game Design Process, 3D Intermediate, Game Assets & Props, Low Polygon Modeling, Portfolio Making, World Design 2D to 3D, Level Design for Games, Board Game Design, Game Monetization & Retention, Industrial Visit.

Awards and Grants

2023 - "Dr. Sarwepalli Radhakrishnan" Best Teacher Award in Art & Design
2022-23 – 25+ Design Registrations (Intellectual Property India)
2023 - First Prize - World Design Challenge (Canada & Indian Team Mentor)
2014 - Guinness World Record “longest painting by numbers in the world”. (Group Activity)
2013 - KALA KAUSHAL AWARD Creativity Artist Society
2011 - Best 3d Film Category Award in DELHI

Scholarly Activities

Avimesh actively promotes student engagement in national and international competitions, research conferences, and mentoring initiatives. He also attended Erasmus staff mobility training focused on Metaverse at Cag University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2022, enhancing his expertise and contributing to his teaching and mentoring approaches.