Dr. Bappa Das

Dr. Bappa Das

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Bappa Das, a PhD holder, is a dedicated educator who sees teaching as knowledge sharing and student empowerment. With six years of industrial experience, he now focuses on fostering inclusive learning environments that inspire fresh ideas and contribute to societal growth.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES, Dr. Das served as the Graphic Design and User Experience Design coordinator at "The D-School, Jain University, Bangalore" for three years. He contributed to "MIT Institute of Design, Pune" for seven years. Additionally, he accumulated three years of experience at "PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kolkata" and another three years at "Tata Interactive Systems, Kolkata."

Research Interests

Visual Communication, User experience design, Design research, communication and aware Human-computer user interaction, and Interactive communication.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Das's teaching philosophy centers on creating a comfortable and open learning environment where all students feel encouraged to share their thoughts and perspectives. He aims to foster a friendly atmosphere that promotes discussion and teamwork. Dr. Das believes in aligning the curriculum with real-world applications to enhance student motivation and engagement. His goal is to cultivate critical thinking by encouraging students to ask meaningful questions and actively seek answers. He ensures active participation through discussions and supportive activities, catering to diverse learning abilities and providing step-by-step guidance to ensure every student's progress.

Courses Taught

Dr Bappa Das teaches Visual Interface Design, Communication and Media Design, Design for e-Commerce, Ad Campaigns, Print and Motion graphics, social media, Way Finding and Signage Design, E-learning & Instructional Design, Photography, Principles of Information Design, Digital Interfaces, Fundamentals of Visual Experience, and fundamentals of interaction design.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Das has been recognized with the Gold Medal for watercolor painting from "Manav Sanket Academy, Ujjain, M.P." He achieved the 1st place Canon Wild Click Theme Winner in a Canon live photography competition. He also secured the "Photography Best Jury Award" in the National Art Contest by Kalavart Ujjain (M.P).