Dr. Naveen Kumar

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Naveen Kumar holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and completed his Postdoc in HCI and AR/VR-based interface design from GNU, South Korea. His research focuses on enhancing tangible and virtual interfaces, systems, and devices through the application of Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction theories and methodologies, particularly in areas such as smart factories, VR/AR, and healthcare products. He has authored over 20 articles in journals in international and national conferences and holds two national and two international awards in the field of HCI and product design. Additionally, he has a patent in the healthcare domain and boasts a total of 12 years of industry, research, and teaching experience.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Naveen held the position of Senior Researcher (HCI) in Industrial and System Design at Gyeonsang National University, South Korea. He has served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Design at UID Gandhinagar for one year, and also worked as a project consultant (UX) in UNDP - IIT Delhi for another year. With three years of industry experience, he worked as an R&D Engineer, contributing to the development of various products, including air quality monitoring devices, agri-electronic products, ballistic instrumentation products, and healthcare products. Dr. Naveen also maintains a role as an R&D advisor with Cutting Edge Medical Devices (P) Ltd.

Research Interests

User research, User experience design, Software usability testing, Human-computer interaction, Human factors, Industry 4.0, Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Teaching Philosophy

  • Naveen Kumar's teaching philosophy centers around cultivating interactive and productive learning environments, drawing from his rich experiences with accomplished mentors, educators, and students. His approach underscores the significance of interactive learning in fostering trust, collaboration, and advancing research and educational outcomes. As a mentor, Dr. Kumar prioritizes several key attributes:
  • Commencing with Simplicity: He advocates for students to begin with manageable topics, ensuring a solid foundation and preventing overwhelming starts.
  • Learning through Engagement: Dr. Kumar believes in experiential learning through hands-on research activities, recognizing their efficacy over repetitive explanations.
  • Balancing Critique and Guidance: He emphasizes the distinction between constructive criticism and insightful advice, aiming for discussions that drive positive growth.
  • Collaborative Environment: Dr. Kumar encourages an open, non-authoritative mentor-student relationship, enabling vibrant communication and heightened productivity.
  • Mutual Learning: He embraces the idea that mentors should remain receptive to learning from their students and colleagues, reinforcing a mindset of continuous learning.

Courses Taught

  1. Fundamentals of interaction design
  2. Cognitive Ergonomics-I, II Tools and Techniques
  3. Simple Interaction Design
  4. Human Factors and Usability Engineering
  5. Immersive Interface Design
  6. Understanding Design and Design Process
  7. System Design
  8. Design for Immersive Environment
  9. Design Research Methods

Awards and Grants

Dr. Naveen Kumar has garnered recognition through various awards and grants:

  • 2021: Best Poster Award at the 9th Korean Society of Human Engineers Poster Competition, hosted by the Ergonomic Society of Korea.
  • 2020: Awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Research Foundation in South Korea.
  • 2018: Achieved the first prize in the Mech-Expo 2018 Design Challenge (Theme: Human Robot Interaction), organized by the makerspace at IIT Delhi.
  • 2016: Secured the first prize in the DEW 2016 Design Challenge (Theme: Internet of Things), a competition organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan, and IIITDM, Jabalpur.
  • 2013: Received a Teaching Assistantship from the Ministry of Human Resource Development in India.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Naveen Kumar has been actively engaged in scholarly pursuits:

  • He established the UCLCD LAB (Users Cognitive Load Centric Design Lab (google.com)), dedicated to the study of user cognitive load and its application in designing Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for smart factories and diverse workplaces.
  • Naveen has submitted a consultancy project proposal to the Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Policy (NPC), awaiting the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) stage.
  • A proposal has been submitted to Tech Mahindra, aiming to establish a Center of Excellence on Human-Centered Design and Technology at UPES.
  • Recently, he has sought funding through a DST-NRFK South Korea joint research program, with a proposed budget of approximately 90 Lakh INR.

Dr. Naveen Kumar's research contributions can be explored further through his Google Scholar profile: Google Scholar