Dr. Nilakshi Yein

Dr. Nilakshi Yein

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Nilakshi Yein is a prominent figure in the realms of Serious Games, User Experience, and Interaction Design. Armed with a PhD in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, her research, recognized with awards, delves into crucial topics such as elderly balance and user experience in Exergame interventions. Her master's degree in electronic design and technology provided her with a strong foundation for crafting practical design solutions. She stands as a pioneer in India for initiating exergame research among the elderly population, showcasing her innovative and impactful contributions to the field.

Work Experience

Prior to her tenure at UPES, Dr. Nilakshi Yein played a significant role at the Amity School of Design (User Experience Design), Amity University. Within this capacity, she assumed diverse responsibilities such as Research Coordinator, NTCC Coordinator for both User Experience Design and Product Design, Time Table Coordinator for User Experience Design, and finally, Stream Coordinator for Product Design before her departure.

Research Interests

Serious Game, Geron technology, User Experience, Gamified learning, Usability, AR/VR/ XR, Elderly fall Intervention, Design intervention for Special Needs

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Nilakshi Yein's teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that teaching is two-way communication between mentor and student. The innovative design interventions excite her the most. She intends to help the students to explore innovative ideas in available resources through collaborative project-based learning, cooperative learning as well as role-playing. Such activities can help students nourish new ideation in creating design solutions. Best results can always be expected when the field of interest meets with the profession.

Courses Taught

Dr. Nilakshi Yein teaches courses on Serious Game Design, Design for Special Needs, Human Factors and Usability Engineering, Usability Engineering and User Testing, User Data Analytics & Technical Writing, Research and Publication Ethics, and Research-based project. She teaches students investigative and empathizing approaches, to brainstorm new ideas, and yield design solutions.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Yein received IEA/Kingfar Award 2021 given by International Ergonomic Association.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Nilakshi Yein has actively contributed to scholarly activities by conducting peer reviews for various articles in esteemed journals, international conferences, and book chapter publications. She has also authored numerous papers and book chapters, often as a first or single author, for renowned journals, international conferences, and reputable publication houses.