Dr. Samrat Dev

Dr. Samrat Dev

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Samrat Dev is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design as an Ergonomist. He received his undergraduate degree, master's degree, and doctorate (PhD) from the University of Calcutta. He also worked as a Senior Research Fellow under INDO US collaborative project funded by the ICMR, New Delhi. He has presented numerous papers at international and national conferences as well as published in reputable national and international journals during his PhD studies.

Work Experience

He has a total of 17 years of experience in academics and nine years in design. Before joining UPES, Dr. Dev worked at NID, Ahmedabad as an Ergonomist and at MIT, Pune as Faculty. Additionally, he served as a visiting professor at other colleges and universities, including Kalyani University, Avantika University, and Maharaja Ranjitsingh Gaekwad Institute of Design (MRID), Baroda.

Research Interests

Ergonomics, Human Factors, Visual Communication, Safety and Occupational Health, Working Environment, Physiology, Interior and Space Design.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Dev's teaching philosophy centers around understanding the dynamic process of student growth and learning. Recognizing that learning is a personalized journey where students actively shape their knowledge based on their experiences and prior understanding, he tailors his approach to accommodate diverse learning paces and styles. Dr. Dev designs courses that provide challenging yet enabling opportunities for reflection and development. He remains dedicated to staying updated with the latest field advancements, fostering an engaging learning environment through interactive sessions, and encouraging active student participation.

Courses Taught

Dr. Dev engages with undergraduates, postgraduates, and even at the Doctoral level, delivering courses that encompass the fundamentals of Ergonomics and Human Factors and their practical applications in product design, transportation, and interior and space design. His teaching includes sessions on ethnography, design anthropology, and diverse methods of data collection and analysis within design research methodology. Dr. Dev firmly believes in the "learning-by-doing" approach and integrates this philosophy into his experiential learning pedagogy, fostering hands-on and practical learning experiences for his students.

Awards and Grants

  • DST Young Scientist Travel Grant award for attending International Conference 2013)
  • Calcutta University International Travel Grant for attending International Conference (2013)
  • Science Communicator Award − Indian Science Congress (2012)
  • Presented paper on Young Scientists’ Award Programme − Indian Science Congress (2008)

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Dev has coordinated the Research and PhD program at the School of Design and has been a mentor for numerous university-funded student projects. He has published over 30 design registrations with many ongoing. Under his guidance, several students have pursued doctoral research work.