Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Gurpreet Singh, a highly accomplished artist and sculptor, possesses a master's in fine arts with a specialization in portraiture and human anatomy. His journey encompasses three years as an automotive clay modeller at Maruti Suzuki India Limited's design department, followed by the establishment of Waryam Arts, where he executed international sculpture projects, leaving an indelible impact. With an impressive 11-year career, Gurpreet collaborated with esteemed studios like Studio Hash, contributing to museum projects. His mastery lies in clay modelling, 3D model development, material exploration, and form design. Seamlessly integrating traditional and modern techniques, he adeptly navigates digital 3D modelling. Gurpreet Singh's creations resonate with technical precision and artistic brilliance, reflecting his profound grasp of form, anatomy, and aesthetics. His art continues to captivate global audiences, solidifying his stature as an exceptional talent in the realm of art and design.

Research Interests

Gurpreet Singh's research converges at the crossroads of art, history, and technology, particularly focusing on portraiture, anthropological exploration, and character creation. He is driven by the captivating exploration of significant historical figures, aiming to vividly portray their stories and contributions through accurate portraiture. Currently, Gurpreet is engrossed in a captivating research project delving into 17th to 18th-century Sikh history, meticulously capturing the essence of key figures through his artistic renderings. Beyond conventional methods, Gurpreet pioneers innovative techniques like digital sculpting and virtual reality, envisioning immersive experiences that offer a deeper understanding of historical events by transporting viewers back in time.

Teaching Philosophy

Gurpreet Singh's teaching philosophy is anchored in the belief that continuous skill development is the foundation of achievement. He underscores the importance of practice and consistency, guiding students to embrace the journey rather than fixate solely on outcomes. Gurpreet's mantra, "Just do it," empowers learners to take action and stay dedicated, recognizing that progress is born from persistence. In his classroom, mistakes are welcomed as valuable stepping stones for growth and learning. Gurpreet cultivates a positive and supportive atmosphere where students are empowered to glean insights from errors, fostering greater wisdom. He imparts the notion that nothing is inherently "innate," and success is a product of dedication and diligence. Recognizing diverse abilities, Gurpreet encourages students to uncover their passions and strengths, nurturing these areas to mastery. By committing to their chosen skills, he believes students can become adept authorities in their chosen domains.

Courses Taught

Gurpreet possesses a versatile teaching portfolio encompassing a range of subjects such as Form Design, Automotive Clay Modelling, Surface Development, Model Making, Digital Modelling, Material Exploration, FRP Manufacturing, Project-Related 3D Modelling, Stop-Motion Modelling, Human Anatomy, Form, and Aesthetics.

Faculty Achievement

Gurpreet Singh, an accomplished sculptor and artist, has garnered significant recognition for his expertise in art and automotive design, particularly clay modelling. Notably, he earned a coveted Gold Medal from Punjab University during his master's program, followed by the prestigious Lalit Kala Academy Award in 2018 and the Kala Udey Society Award at the national level. His exceptional skills in automotive clay modelling led to collaborations with Maruti Suzuki, where he contributed to the design of popular cars like Vitara Brezza, Fronx, and Baleno. Founding his studio, Waryam Arts, Gurpreet embarked on international projects showcasing his artistic versatility. As a dedicated educator, he conducted workshops on automotive clay modelling and human anatomy at esteemed universities, sharing his knowledge with aspiring artists. Gurpreet Singh's remarkable achievements and commitment to the arts have established him as a revered faculty member, inspiring numerous students and leaving an enduring mark on the art community.