Khushboo Bharti

Khushboo Bharti

Assistant Professor – Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Khusboo Bharti is a multi-faceted individual with roles spanning academia, writing, research, artistry, and curation. Armed with a BFA in painting and an MFA in art history from M.S. University Baroda, her education continually informs her efforts to bridge practice and theory, weaving academia into the fabric of social development.

Work Experience

With a substantial presence in academic spheres, Khusboo Bharti boasts a wealth of experience in teaching within Design foundation, fashion, and communication design domains. Her involvement also extends to enhancing institutional capabilities in the education sector. In her ongoing artistic journey, she draws inspiration from traditional craftsmanship, infusing her visual expression with a diverse range of mixed mediums.

Research Interests

Urban design, art craft, public art, art and social engagement, art craft design education

Teaching Philosophy

In her teaching approach, she extensively integrates industry best practices, creating a collaborative teaching and learning environment. She employs exercises designed to bolster students' conceptual prowess, fostering a holistic educational experience.

Courses Taught

History of art craft design, elements and principles of design, fashion evolution, culture studies, people and environment, design process.

Awards and Grants

She has garnered awards and fellowships from esteemed national and international organizations, acknowledging her role as a cultural changemaker.

Scholarly Activities

Engaged in scholarly pursuits, Khusboo Bharti's work has been published in numerous international and national magazines and conferences, covering diverse topics such as urban design, public art, education pedagogy, and cultural history.