Kishor Tikale

Kishor Tikale

Senior Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Prof. Kishor Tikale is a postgraduate in Product Design from the Indian Institute of Science with rich experience working in top automotive industries. He is recognized as an expert in automotive digital modelling and vehicle packaging.

Work Experience

Before his tenure at UPES commencing in 2019, Prof. Kishor amassed a wealth of industrial expertise spanning a commendable 17-year period. His professional journey commenced with Reva Electric Car, where he honed his design skills, subsequently extending his career with notable roles at Videocon Industries and General Motors. An impressive 13-year tenure with General Motors saw him deeply involved in the realm of Digital Sculpting, enriched by impactful contributions within North American and Korean GM design studios, each for a six-month duration. His influence also extended to Mahindra and Mahindra, where he contributed as a consultant digital modeller, further augmenting his extensive industry experience.

Research Interests

Prof. Kishor's research interests encompass automotive design, digital modelling tools, and product design.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Kishor meticulously develops teaching plans, materials, activities, and assignments, incorporating abundant visuals, demonstrations, real-world examples, and fieldwork to enhance comprehension. He employs a collaborative learning approach, with the mistake of one, learning for everyone method.

Courses Taught

Leveraging his extensive industry background, Prof. Kishor adeptly instructs courses such as Vehicle Packaging and Digital Sculpting. His mastery encompasses various CAD tools for surface and subdivision modelling, as well as visualization and animation. Additionally, he readily steps in to teach form and aesthetics courses when needed.

Awards and Grants

Prof. Kishor holds design registrations and earned recognition in 2021 for his collaborative work on U-Bahn, a campus utility vehicle, where he successfully created a functional prototype in partnership with Prof. Siddharth Prakash.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Kishor is currently pursuing his PhD, focusing on the application of digital modelling in the automotive design process.