Milly Singh

Milly Singh

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Milly Singh is a seasoned academician with a teaching career spanning over eighteen years. Throughout her professional journey, she has demonstrated a continuous commitment to personal growth, expanding her expertise and cultivating a deep understanding of various aspects of the arts, particularly in the realm of visual communication, graphic design, typography, type design, and design research methodology. Her extensive knowledge and sensitivity in these areas have made her a valuable resource for her students and peers alike. Passionate and enthusiastic, she consistently explores and adopts new pedagogical approaches to enhance the learning experience of her agile and budding professionals. She understands the importance of adapting teaching methods to meet the evolving needs of her students and believes in fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Work Experience

An alum of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, she holds a bachelor's degree in applied arts and a master's degree in visual arts. Her educational background has equipped her with a solid foundation in the field of arts. Throughout her career, she has held diverse positions, displaying her versatility and expertise. She has excelled as a coordinator and curator of an art gallery demonstrating her keen eye for curation and organizational skills. Worked as a freelance designer, and in academics she has taken on the responsibilities of a course leader and Head of the Department, displaying her leadership abilities and dedication to fostering academic excellence.

Research Interests

Curriculum Design, Typography, Languages and Scripts, Cultural Studies, Partition Narrative, Historical Research

Teaching Philosophy

Milly’s teaching philosophy emphasizes creating an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that encourages students to take risks, think critically, and actively participate in their educational journeys. She aims to instil a love for learning while equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Courses Taught

Milly approaches teaching with great passion and enthusiasm to impart comprehensive knowledge and skills, ensuring that students develop a solid foundation in the areas of typography, basics of design, user interface design, design thinking, and design research methodology. She conducts expert sessions on portfolio building to emphasize its importance. Through interactive and engaging teaching methods, she aims to inspire creativity and critical thinking among students.

Milly has been encouraging students to participate in competitions and conferences and mentoring them towards the same, providing them with opportunities to highlight their work, engage in intellectual discussions, and receive feedback from experts in the field.

Awards and Grants

Milly has been honoured with two awards recognizing her exceptional teaching abilities.