Baljinder Kaur

Ms. Baljinder Kaur

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Ms Baljinder Kaur (a.k.a Reena), an accomplished and passionate Assistant Professor in the Department of Fashion, School of Design, brings a wealth of creativity and dedication to her role. With a Master's degree in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University California and valuable industry experience from across the country, she combines academic knowledge with real-world insights. Ms Kaur's innovative and inspiring teaching methods foster a holistic learning environment that nurtures creativity and empowers students. Her multicultural background catalyzes her to bring vernacular ideas to the table. She actively engages in research, focusing on sustainable fashion, textile innovation, and emerging design trends. By encouraging students to explore these areas, she enables them to contribute to the industry's advancement

Work Experience

Ms. Baljinder Kaur has diverse work experience spanning academia and the fashion industry. She has held positions as a Fashion Design Faculty member, Guest Faculty, and Assistant Professor at various institutions. With her expertise in visual merchandising, she has contributed to renowned companies like Red Tape, Future Group, and Gini & Jony. Her extensive background and multidimensional skills make her an asset in both education and fashion design.

Research Interests

Currently pursuing a PhD in Costume and History from UPES, her research focuses on the intersection of fashion, culture, and history. Ms. Baljinder Kaur has a deep passion for exploring the historical and cultural significance of fashion, delving into the influences and inspirations behind different styles and trends. By combining her love for fashion with in-depth historical research and cultural studies, she brings a rich and comprehensive perspective to her work, allowing her to contribute to the preservation and interpretation of fashion's cultural heritage.

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Baljinder Kaur's teaching philosophy revolves around pragmatism, prioritizing career readiness in students by creating a holistic learning environment that nurtures creativity and fosters a passion for fashion. She believes in incorporating innovative and inspiring teaching methods that engage students and encourages them to integrate theoretical concepts with the practical skills required for the competitive fashion world.

Courses Taught

Ms. Baljinder Kaur has taught a variety of courses in the field of fashion design. Her expertise includes fashion illustration, history of fashion, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), fashion styling, visual merchandising, and portfolio development.

Awards and Grants

Ms. Baljinder Kaur has received recognition for her contributions to the fashion industry. She designed the bagpiper uniform for Uttarakhand Police in June 2018 and served as a member of the jury panel for a fashion show held at different universities. Additionally, she had the privilege of judging Miss Uttarakhand 2019. Ms. Kaur also participated in Dehradun Fashion Week in August 2017, showcasing her talent and expertise. She has worked on fashion illustrations and technical sketches for a denim brand, demonstrating her proficiency in visual communication within the fashion realm.

Scholarly Activities

Ms. Baljinder Kaur actively engages in scholarly activities, contributing to the field of fashion and textiles. Recently she presented a paper titled "The Sikh Kani Shawl: The Culture, Prestige, and Sacred Belief" at the 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Traditional and Technical Textiles in 2023, held at NIT Jalandhar. The paper explored the cultural significance and sacred beliefs associated with the Sikh Kani Shawl. Additionally, she co-presented a joint paper titled "Khillat Tradition in Uttarakhand: Adoption, Adaptation, and Transmission" at CHAEN 2020, hosted by Mumbai University. The presentation delved into the Khillat tradition in Uttarakhand, examining the processes of adoption, adaptation, and transmission within the local culture.