Nikhil Tikhe

Nikhil Tikhe

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Nikhil Tikhe is a passionate Designer and Educator who finds fulfilment in engaging with grassroots communities and diverse crafts. He is a staunch advocate for environmental sustainability. Notably, his expertise lies in critical areas like System Design, Design Thinking, Industrial Design, Craft Development, Material Manipulation, and Prototyping. His extensive journey spans industrial materials and their manufacturing intricacies, juxtaposed with a deep appreciation for the traditional techniques intrinsic to Indian craft clusters.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Nikhil contributed significantly to the design and education realm. He served as a Visiting Faculty and External Jury Member at Parul University, School of Design in Baroda, Gujarat. His quest for learning led him to the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, where he engaged in a Nonstick Terracotta Craft Workshop. Nikhil's inquisitiveness extended to the Ambala Terracotta craft cluster, where he undertook research and documentation for New Product Development.

At the Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio in Ahmedabad, he held the pivotal role of Head Designer and Design Educator. His explorations didn't stop there; Nikhil delved into Design Research in the ceramic towns of Morbi and Thangarh, Gujarat. Under the USTTAD Project by the Ministry of Minorities, Government of India, he documented Craft Techniques in Wood Carving and Painting in Sikkim, showcasing his commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Research Interests

Nikhil's primary interest lies in the realm of Research and Documentation, which he considers his niche. His focus is on the Craft sector, where he adeptly provides innovative design solutions. He endeavours to create products that excel in ergonomics, user-centricity, and the adept use of suitable materials. Driven by his passion for design and a deep connection with nature, Nikhil is dedicated to bringing about positive societal changes through his work.

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Nikhil's teaching philosophy revolves around imparting a solid foundation in design fundamentals to drive meaningful societal impact through diverse educational tools. Through interactive sessions and hands-on learning, he aims to enhance and foster student engagement. His approach involves understanding the user's perspective, identifying key challenges, and devising innovative solutions using relevant design techniques. He is dedicated to promoting sustainable design solutions and instilling environmental consciousness in his students. By equipping students with profound knowledge and inspiring them to generate inventive solutions through projects and assignments, he nurtures them into ethical and creative designers.

Scholarly Activities

Nikhil's dedication to environmental sustainability is prominently demonstrated in his scholarly undertakings. His adept application of critical system design thinking is vividly showcased in his partnership with the Rathva tribe craft community in Gujarat. This collaboration yielded ingenious terracotta nonstick cookware tailored for urban households, highlighting his innovative approach. Furthermore, Nikhil's extensive documentation of traditional crafts, including Kutch khavda pottery, Zama pottery of Spiti Valley, and Likhir Pottery of Ladakh, underscores his commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Rooted in his profound passion for design and nature, Nikhil's scholarly pursuits drive meaningful societal changes.