Prabhakar Dabral

Prabhakar Dabral

Assistant Professor – Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Prabhakar Dabral, a passionate artist and illustrator, is not only a design educator but also an adept researcher. Hailing from the picturesque Pauri region of Uttarakhand, he holds a graduation degree from AIFD, Bangalore, and a post-graduation in Apparel Design from the National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar. His artistic forte encompasses Illustration and Publication Design, and he boasts an affinity for Graphics & Design research. Prabhakar's academic journey spans diverse institutions across the country, where he has contributed as a guest or full-time educator. Moreover, his commitment to co-creation and innovative learning methodologies is reflected in his workshops centred on visual narratives, engaging participants of all ages in the exploration of cognition.

Work Experience

Commencing his professional journey as a Stylist at Pantaloons Retail India Ltd. in Bengaluru in 2011, Prabhakar Dabral ventured into the world of design. Following his post-graduation, he expanded his horizons as a Communication Designer at the strategic design consultancy Jumping Goose in Bengaluru (2015-17), immersing himself in the art of visual storytelling for diverse brands. His passion for education led him to Woxsen University's School of Art and Design, Hyderabad, where he served as an Assistant Professor for a year (2018-2019). His thirst for knowledge then propelled him to Ladakh, where he delved into a fellowship course focused on Social Entrepreneurship in the Himalayas. Presently, as an Assistant Professor – Senior Scale at UPES's School of Design in Dehradun, he continues to inspire students through his multifaceted expertise.

Research Interests

Visual narratives, Art therapy, Storytelling, Illustration, Learning experience design, Publication design

Teaching Philosophy

Prabhakar Dabral's teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that learning approaches should harmonize with the intrinsic value of courses, extending beyond skill enhancement to encompass profound conceptual comprehension. Through his engagement with educational institutions, he nurtured a keen fascination for unravelling the pedagogy of design and the potential of integrating experiential learning to create a more interactive and interconnected teaching and learning environment.

Courses Taught

Prabhakar Dabral teaches Illustration and publication design-related courses as his core subjects. He also takes foundational courses like Elements of Design (EOD), Principles of Design, Design Process, Colour Theory, and Computer applications for the foundation batches in the School of Design.

Awards and Grants

The Naropa Fellowship is a prestigious one-year, fully residential, post-graduate academic program designed to cultivate fellows as catalysts of transformation. The program is dedicated to cultivating individuals who will champion entrepreneurship and progress while safeguarding the rich cultural heritage of the Himalayan region.