Prasun Chakraborty

Prasun Chakraborty

Assistant Professor SS

Profile Summary

Prasun Chakraborty is a highly accomplished artist and designer with expertise in design and illustration. He earned his master's degrees from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and the Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata. His specialization lies in design and illustration, and he has gained recognition for his unique artistic style. Prasun's illustrious career includes working with various textile industries as a creative designer, contributing his artistic vision to the realm of textiles. Moreover, his exceptional skills in illustrations and political cartoons have garnered attention, leading him to pursue a PhD focused on Indian Political cartoons. Currently, Prasun leads the School of Design Foundation Cluster, shaping design education and fostering creative talent. His outstanding contributions to the design community make him a valuable leader in the field.

Prasun Chakraborty's design journey began as an assistant designer in 2002 after completing Art College. In 2009, he pursued a full-time career as a designer after graduating from the National Institute of Design (NID). Over the years, he worked with various esteemed organizations, including Weaver's Studio, Zanav Home Collection, Bharat Vijay Mill, Portico, Eastindia, Bombay Dyeing, and Raymond.

In 2017, he joined UPES and now leads the Foundation Cluster at the School of Design. Alongside his current role, Prasun is pursuing a PhD in "Designing Contemporary Indian Political Cartoons and its Applications in New Media for Social Impact." His passion for design and commitment to mentoring aspiring designers continue to drive his remarkable contributions to the design industry.

Research Interests

Prasun Chakraborty is a dedicated researcher with a focus on finding solutions to pressing societal issues while promoting well-being and environmental concerns. His research interests revolve around the intersection of humanity, nature, and societal challenges. Notably, his recent papers delve into the art of political cartooning, with a specific emphasis on the renowned Indian cartoonist R.K. Laxman. Through his research, Prasun explores Laxman's artistic style, use of satire, addressed themes, and the impact he had on Indian society and politics. Additionally, he examines the current state of cartoonists and their role in shaping public discourse and reflecting sociopolitical issues in diverse contexts and countries. Prasun's research aims to provide insight, knowledge, and evidence-based solutions to create a better world for all.

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, Prasun Chakraborty follows the path of Swami Vivekananda, believing in the true essence of teaching. He aims to be a teacher who can connect with students at their level, understanding their perspectives and guiding them effectively. Embracing the words of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, he values the potential of every student, regardless of their position in the classroom. Prasun emphasizes creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment, encouraging students to explore their true potential beyond grades and rankings.

His teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that there are no bad students. Instead, he sees teaching as an opportunity to tap into students' abilities and help them grow. Prasun believes in the significance of philosophy in education, as it nurtures critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and intellectual exploration, essential qualities for any design professional. Through his approach, he aims to make the teaching and learning journey rewarding and enlightening for both students and himself.

Prasun Chakraborty's diverse teaching approach equips students with a well-rounded education in various aspects of design, empowering them to excel in their chosen fields.

Courses Taught

  • Sketching and Drawing: This course focuses on teaching fundamental techniques and skills required for sketching and drawing. Students are introduced to various drawing tools, shading techniques, perspective, and composition.
  • Colour: This course delves into the principles and application of colour in design. Students learn about colour theory, colour psychology, colour schemes, and the use of colour in creating visually appealing and harmonious designs.
  • Design Process: This course follows a systematic and structured approach to create solutions and develop new products, services, or experiences. Designers go through common stages to address problems in different contexts and disciplines.
  • Graduate Students Mural Design: This course, tailored for graduate students, focuses on the art and process of creating murals. Students learn about mural design principles, techniques, materials, and the conceptualization and execution of large-scale artworks.
  • Fabric Studies: This course introduces students to textiles and fabric design, covering different fabric types, properties, textile printing techniques, surface ornamentation, and textile integration in various design applications.
  • Digital Design: This course introduces students to digital design, utilizing computer software and technology to create visual designs. Topics include graphic design, digital illustration, image editing, and user interface design.
  • Art and Design: Specifically for master's students, this course covers advanced topics and research in art, design theory, conceptualization, critical analysis, and creative expression.

Awards and Grants

College Award in 2002: Prasun Chakraborty received a college award in 2002, recognizing his outstanding achievements, talent, or contributions during his time in college.


  • Journal Papers: Prasun Chakraborty has published two journal papers on political cartooning, exploring the significance and impact of political cartoons in Indian politics or related topics.
  • Books on Political Cartoons: Prasun Chakraborty has authored two books focused on political cartoons, delving into their history, techniques, and social commentary aspects.
  • Book on Shawl in Nagaland: Prasun Chakraborty has written a book on shawls in Nagaland, providing insights into their cultural, historical, and artistic significance.
  • Conference Paper: Prasun Chakraborty has presented his research or findings related to his expertise at a conference, likely focusing on political cartooning or relevant subjects.


  • Cartoon Exhibition 2021 in Kolkata: Prasun Chakraborty participated in a cartoon exhibition in Kolkata in 2021, showcasing his political cartoons and engaging in dialogue about social and political issues.
  • Times of India Exhibition in Mumbai: Prasun Chakraborty also participated in an exhibition organized by the Times of India in Mumbai, featuring the works of various artists and providing a broader audience with an opportunity to appreciate political cartoons.