Siddharth Kumar

Siddharth Kumar

Assistant Professor (SG)

Profile Summary

Professor Siddharth Kumar is a seasoned Architect and Industrial Designer with a specialization in Material Exploration and New Product Development. He has collaborated on numerous impactful projects with esteemed clients and institutions, including IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, and IIT Madras. Through his expertise, he has successfully translated concepts and visions into tangible product innovations. His extensive portfolio spans various domains within industrial design, encompassing areas like evaporative cooling systems, solar-powered devices, water filtration systems, and beyond.

Work Experience

Before his tenure at UPES, Prof. Siddharth Kumar served as a Principal Designer at Design Gear, a prominent design firm located in New Delhi. In this capacity, he oversaw the operation of a workshop dedicated to crafting top-notch, precise prototypes and products. His diverse experience across various fields of interest has not only enriched his perspective but also enabled fruitful collaborations with diverse individuals, fostering a synergistic approach to creative endeavours.

Research Interests

Mechanical principle-based foldability systems, Biomimicry in design, Design Language, Cognitive mapping, Assistive Technology, New Materials and Technology

Teaching Philosophy

Prof. Siddharth Kumar’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that it is his responsibility to transfer the knowledge which supports and encourages student learning. He has been encouraging students, not to depend just on the theoretical but also incorporate the practical as well with the help of small workshops/assignments related to the subject. How the Design elements can be converted to Brand Identity. He also tries to make the students responsible for creating the product market ready, to promote the students to study the market and people related to the market-driven products.

Courses Taught

Prof. Siddharth Kumar teaches Advance Design Tools, Biomimicry, Packaging Design, Materials and processes, Joining and Fastening devices, Material Exploration and Furniture Design. These courses are the foundation stone and technical supports for the main subjects which can streamline the students to work in a confined environment. These subjects will also act as polishing agents to brush up their skill set.