Siddharth Prakash

Siddharth Prakash

Assistant Professor Senior Scale

Profile Summary

Siddharth Prakash holds a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering from Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, and a master's degree in Transportation & Mobility Design from IED Italy. He exhibits a strong passion for conceptual and creative design, fuelled by his interests in Sci-Fi and motorcycling. Beyond his design pursuits, Siddharth finds fulfilment in music production and shares a profound love for the craft of filmmaking.

Work Experience

With an extensive background spanning more than 7 years in the automotive design industry, Siddharth has also held a significant role at Tata Motors Design Studio in Italy. As a pivotal member of the design team, he contributed to the creation of the iconic Tamo Racemo, India's premier sports car, serving as the Exterior Designer for the project. Presently, Siddharth assumes the role of co-founder at DAAC Metaworld, a visionary company focused on designing vehicles and crafting immersive experiences for the metaverse. Alongside these pursuits, he actively leads creative design workshops, further enriching the realm of design innovation.

Research Interests

Future Mobility, sustainable architecture, industrial design using Bamboo, Metaverse, Furniture Design, and Music production.

Teaching Philosophy

Siddharth's teaching philosophy revolves around a conceptual design approach that prioritizes timeless solutions in the interplay between form and function. He emphasizes the significance of a localized perspective and its impact on the broader global context, nurturing a deep understanding of design's cultural and universal influences.

Courses Taught

Automotive sketching and illustration, Form and aesthetics, Transportation Design Projects.